Yes Mom, I need that sign

I need a sign for my house that says, ‘All dogs welcome. Any size. Any breed. Stay as long as you like. Free food.’
Somehow I send off this vibe to every stray out there, that this is the place to go if you are lost. A yellow lab puppy, male, showed up today. No name, no tags. Friendly of course, as this breed is especially well mannered. The fact that it is a puppy doesn’t hurt either. So we have fed him and brought him in and gave him the temporary name of, Buddy. I took some pictures, and tomorrow I will post them at the grocery store and the nearby pet stores. He did have a certain type and brand of collar around his neck. The owner can tell me the name of it and I’ll know it is theirs. My youngest did go around to a house he tracked it’s footprints to. But it wasn’t theirs and they had never seen it. Hopefully we’ll find it’s ma and pop. I’m not quite ready for a puppy. But I won’t turn him out on the street either. Wish me luck.


~ by mamadubs on February 27, 2007.

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