Two More Men are on the way Out.

We started out tonight with Phil. Mostly I found his song average, if not a little below. He perked it up a tad at the end, but the whole song should have been like that. The only pitch problems were very tiny and at the end of the song. Jared improved from last week. His tone and pitch was right on. He put more into the song this week. I see the judges were certainly going on about his look in the song. Sorry, but it doesn’t even compare to Ace Young’s ‘look’ last year, singing Father Figure. AJ was pitchy in places. He was better than last week, but still too cabaret for me. Sanjaya certainly was nothing special. His voice was far too weak, and should have been projected. Nothing better than high school talent quality. Just a reminder that after I see the performance I judge before the judges do. Funny how similar the judging can be. But also at times far off. Simon seemed to enjoy more tonight than I did. Chris Sligh, probably my favorite at this point, did a great job. I loved it. When I see him, I am always surprised by what comes out of his mouth. I expect one of those top 40 songs that ranges between about five notes that anyone can sing. What he does sing has quality. I don’t see him winning this competition, but surly he should make the top 12. Nick performance was less than exciting. The camera tricks did nothing to improve it either. He did just ‘a nice’ job doing this song as a guy. Blake was up next. This guy seems to be able to sing everything and anything. One minute soulful then the next is falsetto. I do agree with Simon that the beginning of the song was a bit of a replica of Jamiroquai’s video of the song. But it didn’t take away from the points I gave him. Brandon was a bit too mellow, a bit too boring. I think some of the guys made the mistake of taking the idea of a dedication and insisted on the song choice being long and drawn out. They hold that the thought behind the song has this meaning or that. As Simon says, this is a singing competition. The object is to win. If you want to move onto the next phase of this competition, than you have to ‘Wow’ us. This nearly put me to sleep. I did notice he was wearing my belt from the ’80’s. That double around your waist twice one I wore to the Bon Jovi ‘Slippery When Wet’ concert. Chris Robinson impressed the judges with his performance. I personally, didn’t care for it. I didn’t think it showed off his talent for what it is. I was a little torn about Sundance‘s song. I like the song and at times he made it special. But I found myself thinking of the days of going to the bar and listening to the band. They all sing this song. So it was a little like that for me.
7.5 Phil
8.75 Jared
8 AJ
6.5 Sanjaya
9 Chris S.
7.75 Nick
9.5 Blake
7 Brandon
8 Chris R.
8.5 Sundance

I think we have seen the last Sanjaya and Brandon. But then again, last week I thought Sanjaya was out of there.


~ by mamadubs on February 27, 2007.

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