Remember When…

We are in for the duration of the weekend. The yearly tournament snow storm is upon us. They have increased it to a blizzard warning now. They have actually started announcing that many churches are cancelling service, including ours. So what better is there to do on this snow-filled weekend than surf the net. Well, probably clean the house, but that’s no fun.
So as I am on here reading my favorite blogs, I ran across this post. I thought I’d give it a try and expand just a tad.

Remember those high school days? Your best friend, your first crush, your favorite movie. I remember, but I have the memory that never forgets. I could probably recite 9th through 12th grade… event, by event. But I will spare you all the details and share the highlights. 1985 was graduation year. The 4 years surrounding that year, Cathy was my best friend.

This picture is me on the left
(my senior picture),
Cathy on the right
(in my wedding the following year).

We went through several style changes during our friendship. Polo shirts with the collar up, a bandanda folded and worn loosely around our neck. A complementary color of course. Matching earrings to the bandanna, usually curly que ones. Those were in the first hole. Then a second and possibly third set of holes held post style earrings of color. Gold and silver weren’t cool. Our pleated Zena jeans with leg warmers and those blue leather clogs that had these tiny shoe laces. Sadly, I still have those clogs. My daughter wore them a couple years ago for Homecoming theme week. They had an 80’s day (heavy sigh). I think that makes me officially old. Getting back to the clothing, of course huge shoulder pads were all it was about for a while. We both had the long black coats with the shoulder pads and big collar that we’d jam full of mini buttons usually of Prince. We did the parachute pants, and that long belt with metal studs that would wrap around your waist twice. Or sometimes the thin metal belts that really did nothing that a belt is supposed to do. Our hair, well, sadly, as you can see… my mullet was what I perferred. Cathy on the other hand had this huuuuge amount of hair for her little 5’2″ body. It was like a lion’s mane. I bet it stood a good 6 inches high. Everyone knew Cathy for her hair. For my wedding, she toned it down. Our music choice? Of course, as mentioned, Prince was #1, but we liked Def Leppard, Ratt, and Bon Jovi, Madonna, Wham! (yes, I said Wham!)to name a few. Being from a small town, movies was about all we had to do for fun. Purple Rain, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Children of the Corn, those come to mind. My first real crush? My neighbor Billy.
So how about you? Got anything you don’t mind sharing? It couldn’t be as bad as mine. Just think, I gave you the mini version.
If not high school, how about your wedding? My girls all wore mauve. Mauve was the color then, not rose, not pink… mauve. I even found mauve tux jackets that the guys wore with white pants. My dress… well you know the style of the 80’s the puffy sleeves and all. I chose the hat other than the usual veil. Looking at the picture, it really is all me. My mullet is grown out a little and I had lots of curls. But that mullet sure came back around, many, many times. Your story can’t be bad, let’s hear about it…

~ by mamadubs on February 24, 2007.

One Response to “Remember When…”

  1. My area had an ice storm, and I work in News, so I couldn’t stay home last night 😦

    I was helping to put those cancellations you menitoned on TV.

    I like reading these posts on reflecting on high school in the 80’s. I find it fascinating when people talk about the style of clothing we wore. My freshman year of HS was 1988-1989. I wasn’t much into fashion, but more into the guy I was dating than anything else.

    As much as I can relate to your post is the time I went trick or treating in the 7th grade with a friend and we dressed up as Madonna and Rosanna Arquette from Desparately seeking Susan. I wore an aqua blue dressy shirt, with beads for a belt, some tight leggings, a lot of makeup, espescailly the hot pink blush, and some colored hair spray. Perhaps I looked more like a punk rocker.

    I am also enjoying the “Spandex and Hairspray” blog of Georgian Blue at She talks alot about dress style sin the 80’s

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