Today’s Thought

This is part of an email I sent to my sister-n-law. Refering to when do parents stop worrying about their kids.
I think growing up, teens are so into themselves and their lives they are just looking at where am I going, what will I do. They don’t see their parents full of worry or concern. If parents voice too much, they think their parents are just a pain. But once they are married with little ones (well, hopefully married) they appreciate what parents do, how they act, how they feel. They don’t realize that a parent feels their job is never done. The worry is never over. They probably didn’t notice all those years of worry their parents did because they were too busy living lives. We all want our kids to have better, fuller, richer lives than we did. We want them to be wonderful people so they can raise their kids with more skills and abilities than themselves. I know in my family, all the way to the top, parents still guide their children, to a point, in little ways. My Mom was in Germany and was going for a walk, my grandmother told her to be sure to put on a sweater or she would get sick. I was feeling flu-ish last month, my Mom told me be sure to drink lots and don’t drink milk it could sour your stomach. I say things to Amanda and she looks at me funny. I tell her…. “I’m almost 40 and my Mom still tells me stuff like drink chicken broth when your sick, it’s good for you… you can listen to me when I tell you stuff too.”
Mom and I joke, read the fine print on your birth certificate. It says parents always worry and they will always try and give you their two cents, but it’s out of love. I say one of those, “yes Mom” and be polite. She knows it. I’ll still do what I want. But she says she’s glad I am nice and say thanks. I know she is just worrying and caring. I guess the alternative would suck.
Right now I think my kids are doing all right. AJ is so much like Jeri and Jeri a lot like Jack. I’m thankful Jeri learned from Jack about taking care of your family, your wife. I never would make it if it weren’t for Jeri. I believe he saw your dad taking such care of your mom when she was sick. It set in Jeri’s mind what a husband does for his wife and vise versa. Jeri has been there so much for me in my ups and downs. We each have had our little crisis. Me, obviously, more than him. But we really sick by each other. Not a day goes by that I don’t realize how lucky I am to have him. Looking back I hate that we spent time separated. I hate that I made that decision. I am thankful every day for him. Anyway, AJ sees how Jeri is there for me, for us. Katie’s Dad comments often about AJ. How caring AJ is, how supportive. I’m glad AJ is growing up to be like Jeri, like Jack.

Well now that I have gone on and on and on… I better get to cleaning the kitchen. I’ve spent too much time lately on this darn thing. But my web page is finally almost the way I want it. Designing the banner took the longest.
Thanks for taking the time to read this…


~ by mamadubs on February 23, 2007.

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