That’s Surprising

As the elimination show was in full swing, Ryan announced what musical talent would be assisting this year on the show. Wow, they certainly have some legendary entertainers lined up. Barry Gibb, Jennifer Lopez, many big named stars. I suppose that is what they had in mind to keep this show going. I was worried it be known as the worst season of American Idol. Good thinking for those in charge of the show.

Tonight was the first elimination night for season 6 of American Idol. Overall, I came out half right.
For the girls, Amy & Nicole went home. For the guys, Paul and Rudy. WHAT! Come on! So we are at the point in the show where there are two guys left. Rudy and Sanjaya. Ryan says, one was one of the top 4% of guys, one is the lowest. And then he says Rudy was going home. That means what? Sanjaya was in the top 4%? OH COME ON! Who the hell rigged that one? Rudy may not be the best but by God, he certainly is better than Sanjaya… by a mile. I’m dismayed, and then some.


~ by mamadubs on February 22, 2007.

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