Thank You… Ladies!

Well… after tonight, I actually have a reason to watch this season’s American Idol. This is definitely a woman’s competition. Tonight was amazing. Not all of them, but the ones that were… WOW!
1. Stephanie: She was a good performer, but I thought it was a little weird in spots. Soulful at first then it would suddenly jump to packed with emotion. It left me a little confused.

2. Amy: Pitchy, too easy, too boring.

3. Leslie: Karaoke standard. She looked like she was trying to be into the performance but you could see she was uncomfortable.

4. Sabrina: Yes! Now we are talking about a competition. She was right on and awesome. Could be one of the finals.

5. Antonella: Love the name, hated the performance. I know she has potential, but not sure she’ll be around long enough for us to see it.

6. Jordin: Good control of her voice. She could have opened it up a little earlier in the song. Did a great job.

7. Nicole: Who is a voice major. Hmm… She started out with strange facial expressions and overacted terribly. Something was ‘off’ about the whole performance and at times she was screaming. The performing took away from the fact that she can actually sing.

8. Haley: Pitchy just after the beginning. She held some long notes mostly in tune, but she should have made more of the song and showed her talent.

9. Melinda: While performing she looked and sounded like she was already a star. After performing she seemed a little uncertain.

10. Alaina: Pitchy, safe and too easy. Karaoke sound.

11. Gina: I like her. I like her look, I like her sound. Aside from one tiny pitchy part, she was great.

12. Lakisha: I’ve been routing for her since I saw her first audition. Story aside, she is spectacular. I agreed with Simon. At this point, 23 people better pack their bags. I cried when she was done. My daughter came home and I showed her Lakisha’s performance and cried again. I would love to see her win!

So you know the routine:
7.5 Stephanie
6.5 Amy
7 Leslie
9 Sabrina
6 Antonella
8 Jordan
7 Nicole
7.5 Haley
9 Melinda
7 Alaina
8.5 Gina
10!!! Lakisha

Probably Amy and Antonella going home, but Leslie and Alaina aren’t all that safe.


~ by mamadubs on February 21, 2007.

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