I’m so Bummed

I am so bummed…
Tonight was the first official voting show for American Idol season 6. The twelve men performed tonight. I am bummed because there really is no one that I am looking forward to seeing and hearing tonight. So far, there isn’t an ‘ACE’ on the show, as there was last year. So without further delay….

1. Rudy: Nice 1st performance, he definitely can sing. I hope he steps it up, because I am not ready to see him leave yet.

2. Brandon: So slow at first, even after the tempo picked up there was nothing spectacular about it.

3. Sundance: Little pitchy, chorus was done well, but not great.

4. Paul: He started out too low. It was too safe a song and still not done well. Certainly this George Michael song didn’t do for Paul what ‘Father Figure’ did for Ace Young last year. Paul’s falsetto was so bad, it hurt.

5. Chris R: Didn’t care for his song choice. About half way through he started singing it with his own spin and that improved it greatly.

6. Nick: Ick! Hey.. I rhymed. For some reason I don’t care for this guy’s voice. The falsetto is the best part. Way too safe a song, and still it wasn’t good.

7. Blake: I’m expecting a lot from him before he even hits the stage. He didn’t totally disappoint me. I am glad he showed off his talent in the singing genre. He performed well tonight, it was good, not great. Falsetto was good. Song was different, yet as he sang it, I liked it.

8. Sanjaya: Five words in and I am bored! Absolutely forgettable, except his look. He seems unsure of himself when talking and not sure that would fair well in the music industry.

9. Chris Sligh: I love it! I wanted him to be good, and he was. Great song choice. As much as I do like Simon, for I appreciate his candor and the fact that he doesn’t like to patronize people, I did enjoy the did that Chris did. Mentioning Il Divo and Teletubbies, as Simon is responsible for both, was classic.

10. Jared: He was singing so ordinarily, my attention quickly went to his clothes. Don’t you put a little effort into what you where when you are going to be on television? I hope that wasn’t his style after effort was put forth. Yikes. My kids dress better than that. Oh… the singing… yea, he has a smooth sound, but unforget…. what was I talking about?

11. AJ: Good tone, but too safe. Kick it up a notch.

12. Phil: At first I thought, ‘Oh God, somebody stop him’, but he recovered more than well. It was awesome! Loved it!

So… the scoring goes like this:
8 Rudy
6 Brandon
7 Sundance
5 Paul
7 Chris R
6 Nick
8 Blake
5 Sanjaya
9 Chris Sligh (8.5 for the singing and .5 for the slam)
6 Jared
7 AJ
8.5 Phil

I think we will be saying goodbye to Sanjaya and Paul, but Jared and Nick better cross their fingers as well.


~ by mamadubs on February 20, 2007.

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