American Idol Season 6 in Full Swing

Wednesday night I did manage to watch both Tuesday night and Wednesday night’s AI. I hurried up and started typing away. And wouldn’t you know it, before I saved it, my computer crashed. Damn! So with after taking a day or so, (I was exhausted from all of Wednesday), Here I am re-typing my post.

First, I was surprised the Hollywood round was only one show and second, I didn’t care for the way they edited Wednesday night’s reveal of the top 24. You could just about guess each one by the segments they would show before getting the final word from the judges. All the same…. here is what we’ve got.
The show start out with
Sanjaya Malakar. Nice voice, a bit shy and very soft spoken. He makes the cut and my thoughts are his voice better be tip top, because I don’t see the personality taking him far. He is one of the few kids who advanced to the Top 40. His 19 year old sister made it to Hollywood too, but got cut on the last day.

Melinda Doolittle who previously was a shy backup singer has found herself in front of all the singers as she is unanimously voted through to the next round and gets mega accolades from Simon.
Brendon Rodgers gets a yes, no more back up singing for him either.

This is Gina Glocksen‘s second time trying out and this time makes it to the show. I like her look and voice. Looking forward to seeing what she’s got.

Haley Scarnato will join the show as well.

Phil Stacy was up next. He missed the birth of his daughter to try out before the Hollywood week. In showing a clip of his work during that week, I could tell he made the cut and I look forward to seeing what he brings to the show.

Even though he was told he wasn’t one of the best singers, Chris Sligh still made the cut. His personality helped him through, but I do like his voice, and his look. He’s different without being too different. Chris is the lead singer of a rock/pop/indie band called Half Past Forever. The band’s website is currently under construction.

Blake Lewis made the cut as revealed in my spoilers post. He’s an incredible dancer, singer, beat boxer and performer.

Rudy Cardenes is in an a capella group called M-pact that travels around the world. He is probably the best voice in the competition and is the Latino heartthrob of the guys. I look forward to seeing what he brings. Looks a bit like a young Scott Baio to me.

Paul Kim, barefoot and all, told us he had worn lucky underwear and been barefoot for every performance on cut day and it seemed to do something good for him. I wonder what Simon will think of the no shoes thing.

Jordin Sparks, a very humble girl in my opinion was very thankful for have made the cut.

AJ Tabaldo, after his 5th time auditioning is on the show. I guess for him, 5th time’s a charm.

Stephanie Edwards and Leslie Hunt got a big yes, I don’t care for Hunt’s ‘Carly Simon’ sound, but that’s me.

Nick Pedro was last year’s dropout during the Hollywood week got lucky and is on the show. After seeing the segment from this year’s Hollywood week, I thought he sounded a bit monotoned.

Alaina Alexander sounded flat during her Hollywood week, but she made the show too. I sat and wondered if they had cut too many girls during the HW week and we were left with bad pickings.

Chris Richardson, does hold a resemblence to Justin Timberlake, lets see if he has his moves too.

Sabrina Sloan, Lakisha Johnson (young single Mom) and Nicole Tranquillo who was/is in the band Soul School. Jared Cotter and Amy Krebs also join in the top 24.

Brandon Rogers also among those on the show, look back to the spoilers post of mine.

As always, the last spot for the girls brought both Antonella Barba and Marisa Rhodes to the judges to hear which one would be going on, and which one was going home. Luck was wished to each other in the elevator. After Marisa found herself heading home, she had a hard time comprehending that as they rode that same elevator back down. Check out Antonella’s new and old MySpace.
The guys too had the two chair/one winner scenario. Surprisingly Sundance Head was the one staying. Apparently there is a Sundance Head whose Dad is Roy Head, an R&B singer. In this interview, Roy Head talks about having a son with an unusual name who is a musician and songwriter. Tommy Daniels was the better of the two according to the clips they showed us, but maybe they still needed the ‘rocker’ image dude to draw that particular audience. As the men rode the elevator back down, Tommy felt the urge to flick off the camera. This was after the judges did share with him that he will have a future career. Probably not the best move to give the one finger salute. Tisk Tisk.
I was a little disappointed in the show this year. Aside from the final spots for both girls and guys, you pretty much knew who was in and who was out.


~ by mamadubs on February 15, 2007.

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