Superbowl Sunday

We, like many Americans, are huge football fans. My boys play. And we like watching the college teams on TV, as well as the pros. We are definitely Viking fans, though, AJ and Katie are Packer fans. Yes, it means very interesting views in our house, especially when they play each other. I made a table full of snacks for us all to eat. Katie came over to join us watching it. Bears vs. Colts. It didn’t matter to me who won, I wanted Bears, but either way I was fine. I couldn’t wait for the half time show. PRINCE! I’ve been a huge fan since 1985 and Purple Rain was a huge phenomenon. I even found myself enjoying the older albums, those before Purple Rain and 1999. It was an awesome show! Even in the rain, Prince did not disappoint. I can say I enjoyed a half-time show better. Amanda worked at the bar and pulled in $100 in tips. The rest of us were home. It was fun having Katie here. I can see her comfort growing more and more being here and I am glad.


~ by mamadubs on February 4, 2007.

One Response to “Superbowl Sunday”

  1. I was enjoying Prince as well. My kids were like, “Who’s that?” Ha.

    Viking fans, eh? I grew up on the Wisconsin/Minnesota border and it was always interesting when the V versed the P.

    Have a great day MamaDubs!!

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