Friday Night meet with Katie and family

AJ had to work late tonight so I went alone to Katie’s house. Loraine had a long day at the clinic with family and I could tell was pretty beat, so I thought it better to wait and really get into discussing things until we were all up to it. I had a nice time visiting with her family, as I always do. Katie and Blane actually stopped by after Katie was done with school today. She wanted to show me the new addition to the family. “Anton, Jr.” Katie had been assigned a ‘baby’ from one of her classes. It’s a great concept but it would be better served if it were more realistic. It’s a computerized baby that cries when it needs attention. You need to insert a ‘computer chip’ (which is more like a disc) in it’s back and see if you can figure out what he wants. Either a diaper change or to be fed. When it’s hungry, it’s hungry. It eats like 20 minutes and then you must burp it. Sometimes, it’s not needing a diaper change. Sometimes it just wants attention, or to be rocked. Sure that is all real, but soothing that harsh screaming that comes out of the speaker on it’s chest, that is a bit tricky. Normally, with babies, you can rock them, talk to them, snuggle them tighter, walk with them, hum, sing, any number of things. This one? Pat it’s back in a not so tender way and hope it stops, not usually does it in a quick timely fashion.
I had always wanted Amanda to take that class, I was curious about those babies. When you return it to school, the disc is read by a computer to see how you did over the weekend with your ‘baby’. The teachers said even the dad’s can babysit overnight. So that is what we did Friday night. It wasn’t too bad, in the fact that he only woke once in the night and then early morning. Blane called at 9is in the am and asked if he could pick up Jr. I sounded just as Katie did last night, jumping at the chance to have a break. (AJ took care of him last night and in the am, but left for work at 745am) He did a good job too.
Well, during our visit, Katie did tell me how she felt about AJ. How he is so important to her and that she feels so much better and safer when he is with her. It was in a very healthy context. It did make me feel better. I still do want to have a talk, and especially about living arrangements. But I also know we have a little more time yet.


~ by mamadubs on February 2, 2007.

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