To Shower or Not to Shower

We sit here in this non-conventional situation and I don’t know the rules. It can suck, but I’m working through it. I posted the question of whether to shower or not to shower on a forum that I read that has every subject under the sun. I wasn’t sure of the etiquite of a baby shower for a young mother. Is it okay to have one? Who hosts it? My friends also reminded me that no matter the age of the mother, a baby shower is appropriate.I was happy to hear from Katie’s mom when she asked if we would like to have a shower for Katie with her and do just one big shower. I loved the idea. I was lucky that she had already done a lot of the work. I just wanted to help anyway I could. She showed me Katie’s invitations that Katie picked out. I am such a theme oriented person that I loved the idea of everything matching. So I am doing a few things and helping with supplies. Amanda is taking photos of Katie with her guests and of the shower itself. Jackie is doing games. I am going to attempt to make those homemade cream cheese mints. I’ve always wanted to do that. Everyday I get more and more excited about the shower. It will be April 14, so those near and dear to me should be looking for an invite in the mail.


~ by mamadubs on January 30, 2007.

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