Wow… time is going by faster now. Hard to imagine that in one more week, Katie will be starting her 3rd trimester!! As you know I took AJ to the pediatrician for talk of his tonsils. While there Dr. Valdes asked how things were going with the baby and him and Katie. Dr. Valdes has been the kids’ doctor for 15 years. I cannot stress enough how much we trust and admire her. She is the doctor I took my sister’s kids to when I was taking care of them. She saw us through Cheyenne’s tumor scare, Amanda’s becoming a teen and then a woman, Aleck’s surgery for his feet and the concern all had when he was born. He didn’t have the best tone and a few other things that turned out to be nothing. She has seen Aleck with mono, Amanda with a double hernia that required surgery for repair. She has checked the boys before football, giving them a sports physical. She was there when AJ was little and I thought he needed to have a therapist… (turned out to be ME that needed one, not him), and even there when Jeri and I breifly separated. I had called her and asked advise for the kids to handle things. I wanted to do the best I could for my kids and Dr. Valdes was there for me, for us. Actually, the very next day after finding out about AJ & Katie’s situation, she was the first I called. And she turned me on to the social worker, March of Dimes, and YMCA. She has always had some great advise for us. She calls at home when the kids are sick to see how they are doing. I had assumed that AJ and Katie would use her, heck who wouldn’t with the right up I just gave and give to all parents in need of a pediatrician. Dr. Valdes did ask if there was a doctor he and Katie had picked for Rory’s care. They hadn’t though AJ had said that he wanted her to be Rory’s doctor. How would that work? Well, at that point AJ would probably switch to a general doctor. He does feel a little silly going to the pediatrician. In the waiting room with babies and toddler, and the likes. After all, not only is he 16 and an expectant father, he looks more like 18. So we were expecting the change to a general doctor in the near future anyway. Dr. Valdes said that no matter who we wanted that it was a good idea for Katie and AJ to make what is called a prenatal visit with the pediatrician. This way you can know the doctor a little and see if you like the person. Mayo Clinic provides this for no charge. She told us that there is so much going on when expecting a baby that if you don’t already have a doctor for you kids, you don’t think of it. You figure that question will be answered when you need to go to the doctor for the first time. Dr. Valdes said many parents are asked at the hospital, who will be your baby’s doctor and they have no answer. It is always best to have your doctor picked out before then. AJ really wants her and I know he is planning on talking to Katie about it. I hope she likes the idea. In fact I think I better remind AJ of the prenatal appointment option and have him ask Katie if she would like him to make the appointment for them.


~ by mamadubs on January 29, 2007.

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