A Talk With Katie

Katie called me this morning. She asked if she and Blane could stop over she wanted to tell me something. I was curious, that’s for sure. When they came over she was her same bubbling self. She told me that they had gone to her appointment today, since they missed it on Monday. I had shared with Blane that AJ had been feeling a bit like the baby was more Katie’s than his. I knew I wasn’t sure if that was because of something Katie said or just the normal feelings the man feels. Maybe a little of both. It’s possible he said something to Katie about it. It so welcoming that we can tell each other of what our kids are feeling or talking about at home so that we can try to help the other understand. It comes across better that way than with hurt feelings and such. Anyway, Katie let me know that she had an appointment next Wednesday for the diabetes testing. She seemed to be a bit concerned about it. She was worried about he effects it could have on Rory. Katie also heard the baby’s heartbeat for the first time. I don’t know how I feel about that. They both should have heard it long before now. I just wish I knew the doctor or could go with and make sure that the doctor is sharing with Katie and AJ all the fun parts of being pregnant. I just want to know this doctor isn’t treating Katie (or AJ for that matter) with less respect than they deserve. I hope they are treated just as any expectant parents would. It is different not being the mother of the up-n-coming mother. I have less that I can say, less right to stick my nose in. Yes, I’m one of those strong personality women who don’t sit back and worry of what may happen to me. I go aggressivly to assure I get what I want for the most part. And… when someone I know or love is in a vulnerable situation, I can be one really big bitch. It can be a hinderance at times, but very few.
Getting back to the conversation at hand. I explained to Katie the need for us to get more information as grandparents. I asked that if I made the appointment for all of us, if she would come along with her parents. She didn’t feel the need to have the meeting, and I couldn’t read her expression. It didn’t seem of anger, maybe just indifference. Blane chimmed in and stated that he would like to go, there are many questions that he has too. Katie said it would be fine. I could tell she wasn’t totally receptive to the idea, but thankful that she was nice about it and agreed. It occured to me after they left that she must be getting advise everyday from nearly everyone. Katie is attending the school for pregnant girls here in town. Every class, everyday is one big prenatal class. The classes obviously consist of either pregnant girls or new young mothers. So if she isn’t getting lessons from the teachers, the class material, she is definatley getting lessons from the girls around her. Whether they share it themselves or she uses her observations to make decisions, it still can get old… and fast. I din’t meat to be just another source of someone’s opinion, but at the same time I can’t sit and just let things happen. I know for the most part, everything is out of my hands. I can accept that. This is not my child. I am the grandparent and the in-law, so to speak. But for 2 reasons I want this meeting. One is to answer questions about AJ’s legal rights and the process of attaining shared custody. But I want to learn what has worked in the past. What has worked when it comes to living arrangements and/or any other topic that I may not have thought of. These days there are just so many kids from broken homes and messed up parents. I just want to do all I can to make sure this whole thing turns out for the best. These kids have the capabilities of being awesome parents. Katie and AJ are very caring and concerned and at times, past their years in mature. Other times they are kids, 16 years old and silly. I don’t want them to trade that it, but to live it as well as parents.


~ by mamadubs on January 11, 2007.

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