Meeting with Social Worker at Mayo

This morning we had our appointment with Christine. She is the social worker assigned to us at Mayo. At the first OB appointment, she gave the kids some information that probably went over their heads. It was all still a shock, it was new and exciting and scarry and no one knew what to do next.

On the advise of our pediatrician, we made an appointment to talk to Christine again. Jeri and I had some questions that we needed answers. We needed to know about support, custody, classes, grandparent issues, living arrangement questions and I’m sure more that I am forgetting at the moment. She answered many of our question and gave us pamphlets on some other things that were available for AJ. Mostly what his legal rights are as father. In Olmsted county in Minnesota there are some resources Christine told us about. The main one being Bright Futures. This is a support program about teen pregnancy and parenting. They have social workers as well as a public nurse. They work together to teach, support and guide young moms and dads in many areas. There are various needs of families and individuals. The premise is to meet at a ’roundtable’ type setting with expectant parents and who ever they choose to be their advocates.

The public health nurse covers the areas of healthy pregnancy, child development, parenting skills, health care, nutrition, child safety, family plannin, emotional health during pregnancy and parenthood and lastly, community resources.

The social workers help with parenting, school/vocational goals, transition to independent living, community resources, legal questions an aspect of parenting. Help with filling out forms for housing, food, clothing and transportation needs, financial, child care, medical or other services, decisions regarding parenting and help with an eleven point case plan. For information you can call 507-285-8370.

Jeri and I are meeting with Blane tonight after the men get off work. We want to talk about what we learned today and ask that if we make an appointment, request Katie and her parents to join so we can set up a plan and work on living arrangements. Katie’s Mom has leaned towards Katie and AJ living with the baby at their house or rotate through both house, but I feel that will give them yet one more source of stress that we all would rather not accru. We should be looking for ways to make this as easy as possible and as successful as possible. Sure… the idea of the kids and Rory living together and one day marrying and having more children sounds wonderful. If this is what they want someday, then I just want to help them in all the right ways.


~ by mamadubs on January 9, 2007.

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