Name Change

Name change request…. Elizabeth Aurora to Aurora Elizabeth. Request granted with pleasure!!!!!! I’m very excited about this. Some of us will optto call her Rory (short for Aurora & yes… we are Gilmore Girls fans), and some of us will go for Aurora.

We went to the official ultrasound today with Katie & AJ. We saw the ‘hamburger’ so yes, it is going to be a girl!!! Many pictures from the ultrasound coming in a day or so. Elizabeth Aurora Sim (don’t quote me on the spelling tho) is the name they have chosen and Blane and I want to call her Rory for short. My Mom said there was never a nickname for Aurora. Well…. now there is auRORa, there is where the RORy is from. Whoooo Hooooo. Think PINK!

Here is a little trivia for some of you…. Sleeping Beauty’s actual name is Princess Aurora. I wish she wasn’t a blonde though because I would love to keep buying her Sleeping Beauty stuff. I think this little one will have dark hair. Oh well, just may have to buy it anyway. Any excuse to spend money, huh?
FYI…we are at the half way point today.

My toughy hubby who said that we were not buying anything for Rory this Christmas since she hasn’t been born yet, took me by the hand last night in the store and said he couldn’t do it. He HAD to buy her something to put under the tree. I think this Grandpa is smitten already.


~ by mamadubs on December 22, 2006.

2 Responses to “Name Change”

  1. Jeri just brings a tear to my eye with his soft heart. Thats why he’s the best son-in-law a mother could ever have, you just got to love him.

  2. Hi there! I have a daughter named Aurora Elizabeth too!! We call her Rory or Rory Bets. She will be four in May. I loved her name the second we put the two together.

    Did you know Aurora is also George Sand’s real name? She was a baroness that refused to be constrained as most women of her time were. She was Chopin’s lover and friend to Franz Lizt.

    Congrats on your baby girl!!! Take care, Gloria 🙂

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