It’s Going to be a ……

It’s going to be a ….

Both sets of adult parents and both parents were all ready to see what was going to meet them in nearly 6 months. When we arrived at the Charlton Building we met Blane in the elevator. He had just dropped off Katie and Loraine to check in. We were ahead of schedule by 5 minutes. Jeri’s schedule…. my schedule… we were late. When we got to our floor and reached the desk, Katie and Loraine were no where. Oh no… are we going to miss it?? Won’t AJ be able to see his baby?? I was very worried about that and was at the front of the line as they led the rest of us to the ultrasound waiting room. Barely there 3 minutes and Loraine came around the corner. She knew what it was. She was giddy, as the rest of us would if we knew. She told AJ he was next and showed him the way. She was absolutely bubbling. I was a bit envious but told myself that she is the mother of the mother, she should know before me. She asked if we wanted to know… we all agreed, we wanted to find out at our turn. AJ took a little while and when he came out was grinning ear to ear. He said at first that he wanted it to be a girl so he could have a ‘Daddy’s girl’. But after reconsidering he thought maybe a boy would be better as he would not have to deal with anyone touching his daughter. How funny fate is…. and how ironic that those were the things running through his mind. I motioned for Blane to go next as I felt he should be next. He was quick, said he wanted Jeri and I to get our turns. I jumped up next. As I walked into the dimly lit room I could see Katie smiling up from the table. Belly exposed. I asked her how she was doing, all these people running in to see what was growing in her tummy. She smiled and said she loved it. I asked the tech if all was well with the baby and he said, “SHE is absolutely healthy.” She… she!!! I asked,”now… how does he know that, are you seeing the ‘hamburger’ or are you just not seeing the ‘hotdog’?” “I can see the hamburger right there”. Hamburger is the slang for the labia which is the bun the clitoris the burger and the hotdog… well you figure it out. All was healthy… and a girl. Wow… I hurried out so Jeri could go in. We all giggled in the lobby. Elizabeth Aurora Sim….

Off to breakfast we went to celebrate. Amanda joined us there with Keegan, my nephew I babysit. What a great way to start the day.


~ by mamadubs on December 15, 2006.

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