The New Season of American Idol….spoilers

Here are 10 names–10 people who are rumored to be Hollywood Contestants who auditioned and advanced to the Top 40. Mid-January, the Top 40 travels back to Hollywood to compete for the Top 24.

Brandon Rogers
Audition City: Los Angeles, California
Audition Songs: “Overjoyed” by Stevie Wonder and “Moving On” by Rascal Flattsmedium_BrandonRogers1.jpg
My Space

medium_Bshorty.jpgBlake Lewis
My Space A source tells me that Blake was signed to a record deal for a time under the name B-Shorty. He’s an incredible dancer, singer, beat boxer and performer. He lost his voice during Hollywood week and still made the Top 40. He’s a contender.

medium_TomLowe.jpgTom Lowe is British. He used to be in a boyband called North South over in the UK. He had some Lead parts on London’s West End in Les Miserables and Cats before heading to Harvard for college. According to this article he graduated in East Asian studies in 2005. An article from the Harvard Crimson, Harvard Independent and his Wikipedia entry.

medium_header_rudy.2.jpgRudy Cardenes – He’s in an a capella group called M-pact that travels around the world. My source says he probably has the best voice in the competition and is the Latino heartthrob of the guys.

Chris Sligh, says a source, was a crowd favorite–had them cracking up several times. He’s the lead singer of a rock/pop/indie band called Half Past Forever. The song they’ve got posted has a nice hook. Word is the producers think he could be a come-out-of-nowhere early favorite. The band’s website is currently under construction.

Sundance Head – Sources say he was one of the production staff’s early favorites after he auditioned for the judges. I did a little googling and found this. Apparently there is a Sundance Head whose Dad is Roy Head, an R&B singer. In this interview, Roy Head talks about having a son with an unusual name who is a musician and songwriter. I hear he made it through despite not singing well in Hollywood.

Phil Joel Stacey is the lead singer for the Navy band. His “hook” when he auditioned was that his wife was having a kid while he was singing for Randy, Simon and Paula. He did well and won the judges over during the week. Could be a sleeper.

Sanjaia Malakar is half Indian and is 17 years old. One of the few kids who advanced to the Top 40. His 19 year old sister made it to Hollywood too, but got cut on the last day.

Justin Davis spent 5 years in prison where he became a born again Christian. After leaving prison, he became a youth pastor. I’m hearing that Justin is more a backstory contestant than singer.

Chris Richardson looks a little like Justin Timberlake. He really killed during the group competition.

Stay tuned, there will be a bit more soon…


~ by mamadubs on December 12, 2006.

2 Responses to “The New Season of American Idol….spoilers”

  1. You are just the best super spy how did you find this stuff and is this from last years show?

  2. This info is from the season starting January 2007

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