Between Thanksgiving and Christmas

We made it thru Thanksgiving and the Hermanson’s family birthdays. Katie and AJ were at both and it was great fun. Katie is feeling better these days.

Recently AJ was really bummed when I picked him up from Katie’s. He said sadly, not to bother with getting a crib because the baby will hardly be here. I asked what he meant and he said that Katie and her Mom said it would be best if the baby lived strictly at her house and was just here when I was babysitting. Wow…. I wondered if that was okay with AJ and asked him so. He said he didn’t feel as though he had a choice one way or the other. I said yes you do have a choice. If you both are raising the baby, you both have to make the decisions. I talked with Melanie about this and she really frowned. She said the baby should go back and forth one week at each place. During the day, the baby would be in daycare where ever they choose, tho I have heard it would be me since I stay at home. Then in the evening, mostly the kids would be together and then at night the baby goes home with the corresponding parent. This way the one with the baby that week has the responsibility and the one without has the break. Okay that makes perfect sense. Now how do I sell that to Katie and her family and is it the best solution? I have plenty of time to get more information and advise, it’s a while yet until May. I just hope in the following months, things go well.


~ by mamadubs on December 9, 2006.

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