All I want For Christmas…

is NOT my 2 front teeth!


It’s to go to the meet and greet in Chicago in March 2007 and see Tyler Christopher. Last night as I logged into my computer I glanced at the most common searches on the net. Tyler Chistopher was one of them. Finally others are finding out what I have known about for years. Not only is he gorgeous! He has talent. Easy on the eyes and I fall for storyline every time.

I have followed Tyler Christopher’s career since he first arrived on daytime tv. He has left and returned to my favorite daytime soap opera. I have seen him on different television shows with guest spots and watched the mini series on TNT. Word is, he has taped a pilot episode for primetime television.
I have enjoyed all his roles but none as much as the first role I enjoyed him in. He is known as Nikolas Cassidine on General Hospital. Nikolas is the son of half of the much known supercouple Luke & Laura Spencer. medium_2353772224.jpg
As many are aware, 25 years ago, Luke and Laura walked down the isle and made television history with the most watched soap wedding with some 80 million viewers. Some time after the wedding, Laura was kidnapped by the Cassidine family. We only found out years later that while held prisioner, and believing Luke was dead, she had a relationship with Stavros Cassidine by which came the character Nikolas.
Tyler Christopher originated the role and after time, left to pursue other projects. He was replaced but not successfully. I was happy to find that he was returning in the role I loved him in.

I remember when I first started watching daytime tv. Aside from General Hospital I watched All My Children. I just hated Erika Kane. My Mom told me, when you hate the character or love them, it’s because the actor is so good that they make you believe that is what they are or better, who they are.

So back to Tyler Christopher. I found myself most drawn to him when he united with childhood “crusher” Emily Quartermane. The beautiful Natalia Livingston plays the part. I so enjoyed the chemistry between them and when they finally had their love scences… wow were they hot! So a fairytale come true, who doesn’t love that. But as many couples on daytime, if they are in wedded bliss, they can become boring. So drama has to ensue. Tyler’s character has had amnesia and then fallen for the damsel in mental distress that convinced him he was her dead husband. Tyler later played duo roles as Nikolas and Connor (the dead/oops he wasn’t dead husband). After watching an episode I found myself hating Connor… but when Nik would come on screen, I couldn’t wait. So he made my emotions do exactly what every actor wants, to fool into believing that what you are watching is real not an act. When Connor raped Emily, it was amazingly realistic and I couldn’t imagine what those two actors could be going through having to play those parts and in real life have something different. My hate for Connor only escalated and I was happy to see him killed off. Months later, after Emily couldn’t get past the rape, her and Nikolas split ways but not before Nikolas started a relationship with another Port Charles resident. I was so upset by that storyline. I’m not one of those fans who thinks Tyler is Nikolas, but one who can appreciate an actor that not only entertains me but keeps my emotions at the surface by performing Emmy winning scenes.
Sooooo…. it’s what I want for Christmas is to go to Chicago to meet and greet Tyler Christoper. This is the closest he has come to my area. Frankly I am surprised Mall of America doesn’t host more events. Maybe they have. Well, now I am on the mailing list to know when such things are going to happen here in Minnesota. I am also on the newsletter mailing list about Tyler Christopher, which is how I found out about the Chicago event.

Not only that but also where I found out about the fundraising that Tyler does for Downs Syndrome. Tyler’s nephew is inflicted by the disease.

Tyler added theatre to his resume in 1997. He is member of 68 Cent Crew Production Company.

To top all this off, he is a dog lover. Be sure to check out this site and see the pictures of Tyler and his buddy Brando.


~ by mamadubs on December 3, 2006.

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