Last Night

I took my 13 year old son, Aleck, my 9 year old niece Arielle, and 3 month old nephew Keegan to see the boys play last night at my kids’ high school John Marshall. Chester Bay was the last band playing that night. The bands played and helped raise money for the charity Christmas Anonymous. It was great being there with the kids and oh my did the girls there go wild!! One time Jake stepped forward for just a second to take a listen to how they sounded and the girls started screaming. I had to just chuckle. If I was their age, I’d have done the same thing. Aleck helped me out with Keegan while sitting and Arielle walked up for a closer look and listen. She managed to get right in front of the stage. How fun it was to see her laughing, dancing and singing along with the band. It happened to be her 9th birthday and she loved every minute of it. She even had the band sign her poster. When we got home, she pinned it up in her room on the wall. Keegan loved the concert just as well, I think. He would cry when they stopped singing. Aleck was finally glad to be up close and see the band. He too stood in line for autographs. I am hoping they will be playing again this year at Welch Village to celebrate Mardi Gras. Maybe that will be our family trip this winter. If anyone 18 and older likes to go out and listen to music, check out their schedule at Rookie’s, Pine Island Liquor Store as well as the New Year’s Eve event in Rochester. Check out the link to the schedule. I invite you to check them out… you will NOT be dissapointed!
They did play a new song last night, I hope a new album is in the making. These boys are working so hard. They go to college and play on weekends. How they find time to rehearse, study & write new material, I can’t begin to fathom. This is a hard working group who deserves admiration. Knowing a little about the guys in the band, I am happy they are such awesome role models for the young ones of today.


~ by mamadubs on December 2, 2006.

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