There seems to be much debate online, on the factor of popularity in competition television shows. As a celebrity buff and competition tv show fan, I have to share my disappointment with the Dancing With The Stars Show. Each year the line between talent and popularity has faded. Some have stated that all competition shows are merely popularity contests. To some degree I would concur. When we look at shows like American Idol or So You Think You Can Dance then we are talking about people that you and I have never heard of. We do not have a bias on who we want to win based on if they fall into the category of our favorite football player, model or any celeb title that you can interject here. So I feel those shows are a bit less of a popularity contest. But any show where we have our ‘favorite’ stars competing could fall victim to a false win. I find the false win in which America has voted on their favorite star instead of the best contestant. Whether it be dancer or singer. It’s sad really, some of us are watching and voting merely for the best dancer. No faces, no history. We push that aside and look at talent, technique and any errors. No, they would not be able to find 12 celebs with equal amounts of talent, in this case dancing. But all the contestants start out with a few weeks in which to learn their routines. Some may have more natural talent than others. Mario has more of that natural talent, Emmitt on the other hand could out run Mario on the football field. But would you football fans want the Mario fans to award Mario with the Super-bowl trophy? Or would you want the better person/team to win? By far Mario out-danced Emmitt. Frankly, Monique out-danced Emmitt. Look at the technical aspect. Both Mario and Monique performed like professionals. They should have been commended for that. In comparison, Emmitt’s dancing was equivalent to Dante Culpepper’s 2005 football season. It was sloppy. The quality of Emmitt’s lines, for example were disappointing. Sure, Emmitt and Culpepper were great if you were comparing them to the everyday guy. But this show was about the best dancer. That is who were voting for. I’m ashamed of all you that couldn’t put your prejudice aside and vote accordingly. I am sure ABC could care either way, viewers were tuning in. But they will inevitably lose viewers like us who are watching and voting appropriately. Before long it will be so blatantly obvious of who is going to win, no one will tune in until the end. I reiterate, each year the line between talent and popularity has faded. Eventually the show will cease to exist. Too bad. As life is getting more and more difficult, dangerous and moral-less, an honest, pure and family friendly show would be of great relief.

~ by mamadubs on November 19, 2006.

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