A Little Bit of Everything

Wow! 2 weeks since I have posted. I guess that must mean my life is busy. LOL
So here is the updates on all in my life in no particular order…

He is doing well and has started his first job. He seems to like it, but I worry when he works so much. 27 hours a week! As long as his grades stay up and he doesn’t burn himself out. I worry because he has school, work, Katie, life…. I just want him to enjoy all of it.

Working hard as well… I would think her grades are coming soon. She is at school now registering for her next semester of classes. She seems excited.

Dancing with the Stars
Since I have posted I believe we have lost 3 stars. Finally Jerry Springer was voted off, but I must say he was very humble and I did see him in a new light. Kudos to Jerry. Monique was voted off. Now that was a shame. I really wanted to see her and Mario in the finally. As far as teqnical difficulty… those two are the ones that were the best! Joey went next and that leaves Mario and Emmitt in the finally. Oh come on! Emmitt????? Sure as far as dancing goes, he is fairly smooth. I mean for the average person dancing on the dance floor, we’d think wow, he’s good. But by no means is he as good as Mario or Monique and Joey either. Emmitt should have left right after Jerry. I hate that it is a popularity contest!

Mr. Keegan is growing fast. 2 months already. He is smiling and cooing all the time. I finally got the swing out and he seems to like it. He is trying to push up with his feet, wanting to stand. I had him sleeping over Saturday and took lots of pictures. Hanna seems to like him, Odes too.

Well, all the family knows now about AJ expecting a baby. December 13th we hopefully find out if it’s a boy or girl. He has an upcoming appointment with his therapist. I figure keeping him able to talk about the things that bother him would be good. I am always here, but sometimes it’s easier to talk to someone who has no bias. Katie has started to feel the baby move.

So, that’s the catch up news.
Until next time…


~ by mamadubs on November 13, 2006.

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