2nd Trimester

The first trimester is over.. whew! Glad we made it that far. AJ has now begun work at Culver’s north in Rochester. Our neighbor and friend and ‘big brother’ to my kids all their lives helped AJ get the job. He has been working nearly 30 hours a week, but I plan to have him cut back to only 3 nights a week. He has started saving money already.

Katie has had a very very ruff time of things. She had to quit her job as she has been so sick and missed much school for the same reason. Being so miserable has made her more miserable and moody. Welcome to the club! I was absolutely horrible at this point during my first and probably all three pregnancies. Poor Jeri… Poor AJ…. in fact, Poor Overland family… I hope this part gets better.

One ultrasound so far. AJ wasn’t in the room at the time and it was an informal one that the doc does. Can’t wait for the real one to come about.

The holidays are soon on their way and I am looking forward to that.

AJ did buy Katie a promise ring. He gave it to her and after their first fight she gave it back. In talking to her Dad, it just overwhelmed her that all of this was going on so fast. New boyfriend, new school starting (I’ll get to that in a sec), a baby on the way and now a commitment. Besides she felt it may be that he gave her the ring just because of the baby. AJ thought she would feel better having that promise ring. What he meant with that ring was the promise to be the best boyfriend he could be and the best father to their baby he could be. She did say she wanted him to give it to her at a different time. She wanted to be sure he was giving it to her because he wanted to and not because he thought he should. I hope everything will be alright between them.

The new school starts next week. Katie will be going to the school in town that is for pregnant girls. It will just help, smaller classes and more girls in the same situation as herself. I hope she likes it.

OH.. I want to add that last month Katie’s parents had us over for dinner along with Aleck and Jackie… Amanda was working. It was an awesome meal and we all had a great time. It is good spending time with them and getting to know them better.


~ by mamadubs on October 27, 2006.

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