Another Dancing With The Stars Post

As most of us have heard, Sara Evans dropped out of the competition due to personal reasons. The interview conducted for the show was nicely done. I appreciated the candor of Sara Evans and her decision to leave the show and inform us that even though things are tough for her, she’s doing very well.

Besides the curiosity of was she or wasn’t she really quitting, I was equally interested on how the show would handle it. Seems we won’t really know until it’s all played out. I wondered if they would bring Willa back as American Idol did something of the sorts once upon a time. Sadly… no. So we were forced to watch the remaining couples and these horrible judges.

Mario did well. At first I was a bit worried, he came off a spin out of step and I held my breath, but after that he did an incredible job. The judges commented on the fact that they are judging him as if he were professional, as he is close to that status with the quality of the dancing he has done thus far. I don’t believe they should be judging him more harshly because they know he can do such a good job. I’ve stated this before that I think there should be a way to judge across the board. Minus a point or two for this mistake or that. My hopes is that the judges of this show will somehow find their way to this web site. But alas, more of that at the end of this post, on with the scores. Judges 28 me 9.

Monique was next and I love to watch her and see what she’ll do next. I didn’t care for the segment before the dance because I am not a big fan of Crimping. But I did notice that it did help her loosen up and I could see those results throughout the rest of the show. I would give her a 9, the judges on the other hand had to be watching with blinders on as they gave her a 23.

Joey‘s dance I didn’t like at all. I thought there was NO sex appeal! I thought that technically, it fell far below Monique and Mario. I gave it 7, judges 24

Emmitt looked like he was dancing in wet cement or something. The high steps were not high at all and it was all too slow. It was very noticeable when you thought back to the beginning of the show when the professionals performed their mini-dances to show us all how they should look. Yes, I know, Emmitt is nowhere near the professional standards, but why do the judges give him a break but not another dancer? I say 7, judges say 24

The last dancer being Jerry Springer was beyond pathetic. They have definitely beaten that horse to death!!! I could barely bring myself to watch the ridicules routine he and his dance partner performed. Even though the judges gave him a low score, it was not low enough. 18 from the judges, 4 from me.

Now come on people!! Why are you voting for Jerry Springer????????? You are helping make a mockery of this whole show! A popularity contest it should not be. If this show does make it to another season, how about the executives bring celebrities that are not so well known or maybe ones that have not been in the limelight as much. I am sure that they attempt that, but even VH1 does a better job when casting the Surreal Life. If the executives rethink their casting plans, maybe then, and only maybe, the American public could manage to look at the dancing and judge the dance not the celebrity. Thank God for Fox TV’s ‘So You Think You Can Dance?’. We are able to watch that show with an open mind and not have our votes be cluttered by who is who; but who actually is the better dancer. I take it ABC really didn’t have that in mind at all, they just wanted the ratings from people who merely want to see their favorite football player or talk show host. I watch ‘Dancing With the Stars’ for the love of dance as there hasn’t been one celebrity that I have wanted to see that badly that I would watch it just to see them. Obviously Jerry Springer should be the one to go home. But this far, America has judged for the wrong reasons. After all this show is called Dancing with the Stars, not Just Vote for Your Favorite yet untalented BigShot. This is your chance, next week, vote for the BEST dancer! It can’t be that hard of a concept. Then again, it seems that since so many of Jerry Springer’s fans are watching and voting on this show, we shouldn’t expect much from them. I mean look at the quality of The Jerry Springer Show. Mostly a bunch of backwards, inbreed southerners. Ouch… harsh I know, no offense to those of you that actually have half a brain.


~ by mamadubs on October 17, 2006.

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