Fellow Classmate Has My Admiration

medium_MTL-michele.jpgAt yesterday’s B-squad football game for JM I sat with Jenny Naatz. It was great to catch up on things in each other’s lives. While talking she had mentioned a classmate of ours, Michele Badker a.k.a Michele Leqve. She asked if I knew of Michele’s involvement with big game hunting. I had seen pictures of Michele’s trophies but had no idea to what extent her life is intertwined with this great interest of hers. Not only does she hunt big game, but she is a flight attendent, multiple pro-staffer and writer, model and mentor; she is involved in raising money for cancer research. She makes many of us envious of such a life; a dedication to living life to it’s fullest. Though we did not know each other well in high school, I have found myself looking forward to her company whenever a group of us get together. Whether it a small dinner or a big reunion. She is a woman who I have not ever seen without a smile and a story. In a sense she is a one woman show with all her interests and her humor, but ever important, she listens as well.

I have been aware of Michele losing her Mother to cancer in 2000 and her Father in 2004. With my own Dad taken by the disease in 2003, I have found myself intrigued by those who work so hard to raise money for cancer research. January 2006 Michele helped raised $7500 to present to Arnold S. Leonard Cancer Research Fund. Michele, along with other members of the archery community started their own drive to raise the money needed desperately for cancer research. Not only in the efforts of raising money did her sacrifice include, but shaving her head!! This is the 8th year that the Baldy Awards were held at the ATA show (Archery Trade Association Show). Most of the money that the ASL fund raises is from sportsmen and women across the country.

I have added a few links to this post for those of you who may share a common interest with Michele. Be sure to read her bio and the articles she has written for www.womenhunters.com. By clicking on the Baldy Awards link you can see pictures of Michele and other sportspeople getting their heads shaved. Wish we all could look that beautiful with or without hair.

Thank you to Michele who has been an inspiration to all women!!


~ by mamadubs on October 13, 2006.

One Response to “Fellow Classmate Has My Admiration”

  1. Bobbie, you sweet heart! I just recently found this blog you wrote about me! You are so nice it’s ridiculous! Thank you for the support you give me through out my bow-hunting career! Hope to run into you sometime!
    Hope you are doing Great and have a great Christmas. Love Michele

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