Plenty of new news to share this week. All headliner news, but in no particular order…

Thanks to the stars and the powers that be (voters) that Vivica A. Fox was the star (and I use the term losely) with the fewest amount of votes. We no longer have to deal with her attitude on the show. Last week’s show was one of my favorites. The Pasa Doble routines were all good, except for Emmit Smith. Didn’t care for it too much. I never was one to appreciate the waltz. But the renditions of this dance were awesome. At times I even had tears in my eyes. Yes, even when Jerry Springer danced.

My Mom and Armin have returned from Germany, THANK goodness! It was killing me not to be calling her with every little thing as I normally do.

Aleck’s team won their first football game of the season. It was quite the landslide and great fun. His possible surgery date is November 8th. He really is in much pain. On the up side, the surgery will aleviate that. His grades are great this year and he really has been enjoying school.


AJ & Katie enjoyed another evening dressed up. This week we took pictures at the Plummer House. They had dinner at Olive Garden and then rented movies and went back to Katie’s to watch them. Katie was feeling a bit under the weather by the time dinner was finished.

Tinkerbell pan is doing well so far. Early still, month 2. Appointment on Monday afternoon, can’t wait for that.

New Tukua in the family. I was so wrong on the name. It is Ashlyn Marie. Not sure on the spelling, I’ll confirm that when I finally get to see her and take pictues.

Keegan and Gabby were here yesterday. I loved, loved, loved it. He is such a good baby. Should be back tomorrow which is giving me time to adjust my house a bit and my schedule. No problems these days of waking in the am, just dropping and picking up kids.

This Friday AJ plays against Mayo High School. Looking forward to that game, just not the weather as it is predicted to be 39 degrees.

Grandma is feeling a bit better this week, swelling from radiation has gone down so a little less pain meds and awake more. I am heading there shortly.

Mr. Fritz came today to start the completion of the basement bathroom. Tomorrow it should be on it’s way to getting done.

Well, that’s about it.


~ by mamadubs on October 10, 2006.

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