Dancing With The Stars

Ok… I just had to start my overview of the show. I should have done it last week but oh well.

Joey was up first with the Samba. Didn’t care for it much. I think he is a bit too careful on some of his steps. The judges gave him a 25 total. I thought it wasn’t much over a 7.

Willa and Maksim (damn that man gets hotter every week) ok.. where was I? medium_Img703224_copy.jpgYes, the dance. I saw the pre-dance video. I have to say Willa looks more beautiful with no make up on at all. After all the hubub of Willa and Maksim being a couple I expected the dance to be sexier. But watching them made me think they could be one of the top 3. Judges scored a bit higher than me with a total of 27, kept them at a score of 8.

Sara still makes me feel uncomfortable when I watch her dance. Yes, she was having fun tonight but too carful. Judges:24
Me: 7

Mario– Wow… something in the water at the dance studio or what? Did anyone else catch the pre-dance video? Was that Mario kissing Karina?? Happy Birthday Mario… they were great. The judges and I agreed. 27 from the three of them, 9 from me.

Jerry has no overstayed his welcome. Even though fun was not the element missing from his dance, obviously technique was. I just don’t think his charm was enough to overlook the dancing. 24 from the judges, 6 from me.

*****Okay… This is where I get annoyed. These three judges talk so much about rules and technique, but they pick and choose who they hold up to those standards. It reminds me of work at Mayo Clinic. It’s where all the rules don’t apply to everyone, you can’t bitch about the quality of the dance from some dancers and not others. Personally I think that sucks!

Monique & Louie was just the thing I needed to pull me out of my mood at this point in the show. These two also have incredible chemistry. Remember when the show first started this season and the judges questioned just that?? Egg on their faces!! I thought Monique and Louie were AMAZING! That last move…. WOW!!!!
Again the judges and I agree 27 from them, 9 from me, though I nearly gave them a 10.

Lastly Emmitt, however you spell his name. I will say this dance I enjoyed more than any of his others. I was impressed with the hips and shoulders. Best Samba of the night! 8 from me, 27…judges.

My lowest was Jerry with Sara and Joey close behind. Really it’s a toss up with who should go, Jerry or Sara. At least with Jerry there is a little entertainment factor there. Either one really should go. Hopefully it will go that way and not be a shock like last week, even though that vote made me happy.


~ by mamadubs on October 10, 2006.

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