Traveled to Mankato with Katie’s dad last Thursday and had a great time. They won so that was a bonus. We play home the next two games, this week Century and next, Mayo. AJ and Katie went to AJ’s homecoming this past Saturday. They looked just gorgeous together.medium_bb.jpg Check out the photo page for all the pictures.

Aleck’s football team lost again this week. He doesn’t seem discouraged, but is in a tremendous amount of pain. Waiting on word for his next appointment and surgery date.

Saturday was also parent’s day at Amanda’s school. It was a nice day and we took advantage of picking up some new Crossroad College clothes.

Those the closest know the newest thing in our lives. All still is good. As of now, we have decided to wait to tell everyone, let’s just call it Project Tinkerbell Pan.

Last week Dancing with the Stars was a bit disappointing. The judges have been a bit tough on Joey and especially Mario. I can understand having rules followed. But just as gymnastics or figure skating, there should be a set penalty. Mario was treated the harshest and given the most deductions. Other dancers made the choice to not follow rules and didn’t get as much of a dent in their scores. I’m tired of seeing some of the dancers to do an incredible job and for Jerry Springer to dance like crap and get more accolades. Very unfair and at this point, the judges or someone better make some changes if they want to see those like me watching their show next season. I felt sad to see Ashley leave the competition but Harry was very stiff and not a good dancer. But still, it should have been Jerry Springer with the boot. Curious to see this week what happens. And those professionals dancing and teaching our stars these dances, you know the rules, stop screwing up!


~ by mamadubs on October 2, 2006.

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