Who To Call???

Yes, one of the first things I did was look for information. Who should I call? Where do I go? My first instinct was to call my Dad. He passed 3 years ago and was always my ‘go to guy’. He had a way of making me look at the big picture and to calm down. So what now? I went next door to my friend of over 15 years. She was very supportive. The only part is that she tends to give her opinion and expect you to agree and take it. I now have an entire family to make decisions with or not make any at all. I don’t even know what my son wants or needs of me. There was no point in yelling or punishing. What is done is done. My main goal is to be support and find out how exactly to go about that. I looked online for information about teen parents, teen pregnancy, parenting teen parents and so on. Sure there was plenty of info on those things for the delinquents of our society. Does everyone think that the only people who make bad choices are kids that are homeless or drug users? That only promiscuous teens are the ones getting pregnant and that the first thing they needed to do was figure out who the father was while quiting drinking, drugs and smoking??? Come on, our kids can’t be the first ‘good kids’ that have fallen into the same choices of having sex too young. They can’t be the first 16 year olds with goals and dreams and good grades that find themselves with an unexpected pregnancy. I use the term unexpected because I feel no baby deserves the the reference of unwanted. I know there are some in that situation, but I choose to use the formentioned wording instead. God has a plan for all of us. No baby is a mistake. So what is my next move?

As finding things online seemed fruitless, I decided to head to the bookstore, maybe something there. Nope, nothing. Books on teen parents and books on parenting, but what about some books on all the normal emotions that pregnant couples go through. I knew the kids would be dealing with so much. I remember what it was like when I was pregnant. All the confusion, miscommunitcation and uncertainty, and I was married and 20 years old. How are these 16 year olds going to deal with all this pressure, and the pressures of being 16, of homework and peer pressure. How are they going to fit in with their friends?

I’m becoming concerned, I can’t find what I am looking for. I knew then, to call my pediatric doctor. Dr. Valdes has been our doctor since AJ was one. She had been there for us when my husband and I separated and when we worked through our problems. She was with us when my oldest child first became a woman. And she was with during the cancer of my niece.
She was as awesome as I anticipated. She told me to try YMCA, Child Care Resource and Referal, and even the March of Dimes web site. She also advised that we call the social worker at the heath facility we are using to get some help. Routinely the socail workers get involved with the teen mother but that there is some information for the father as well and that we should be sure to make an appointment with them as sometimes the fathers are overlooked. I’m going to do that, but am thinking that there is plenty of time. Slow down. Take things step by step and don’t overload myself with information.


~ by mamadubs on September 19, 2006.

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