Hey there…. it’s the beginning of pregnancy for our son and his girlfriend. Both are only 16 and are facing a ruff road. They have some plans and some concerns. I decided to jot down what is going on so I can look back and maybe offer advise to some up and coming grandparents to be.

We found out in September that my son and his girlfriend were pregnant. I have to say I was crushed. I couldn’t understand how, yes I know HOW, but how did this happen. We have had the talk, many times and they were nearly all the time at her parent’s house. I stress nearly as obviously at some point they were able to make a baby.

The kids had told Katie’s parents first as they were on their way on a family trip together. I couldn’t believe it, but they continued their plans and took AJ along. They say it was good they did. This way they could talk things over and see where AJ and Katie’s heads were. So they had a couple days to process by the time that we found out. I did cry as did AJ. Jeri was pissed. Said AJ “better get a fucking job!” Which as I now tell the story many laugh. Especially knowing Jeri.

We had a meeting that night with Katie’s parents. They were much more calm than we would have been, but as it is said, no since crying about the spilled milk after it hits the floor….. just clean it up. So the kids told us that they wanted to raise the baby together. And that finishing high school was important to them. It was still very early in the pregnancy so when Katie’s parents asked us if they should encourage the kids to get preganant again if they lost this baby, I don’t know who yelled “NO!” first… Jeri or myself. The look on their faces was shock, but I think it was at our tone and not our answer. I think it normal to put ourselves into the situation. Sure, it actually crossed my mind as what do we do if thy miscarry. Being the Mom of three which could have been four if not for my own miscarriage, I struggled to remember that these kids are only 16 and not me.

Our meeting went well. There were still many questions to be answered but we had time for that.


~ by mamadubs on September 15, 2006.

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