Up To Speed

Time to get up to speed with things. To close up the So You Think You Can Dance show, Benji won. I still think it should have been Travis. On America’s Got Talent, Bianca won and deserved it. After taxes, she should be able to attend any ivy league school of her choosing. I do not plan to watch this show next year. They have too much crap on there and quite honestly not worth my time.

The new addition to our family (PUPPY) is getting along just fine. Hard work house training but we all are up to the challenge.

Our basement bathroom will soon be completed. Amanda has decided to hire her boyfriend Dustin and his brother John to help us out with that.

The saga with my youngest sister continues. We have no contact. Every time I think I should just give in and talk to her, I remember her comment of me never being there for her or her kids. Burns a new hole in my butt every time. That along with the fact that she thinks I “squandered” money from our Dad and his estate. When I got out all the paper work, looks like I have actually contributed to my father’s estate, and she is the spender. (Paying rent, and moving expenses, it adds up. Even got money from the farm to buy Christmas presents for her boy’s grandparents.) Funny how we only see what we want. I miss my niece and nephew desperately. For the story on this see What was supposed to be Easter. The short version is she is dating and living with man who went on trial for murdering his baby. If you need the link to the articles, check out these articles.

Gynie appointment went all right. Having some problems with excessive bleeding. Had my pap and a mammogram (and I’m not 40 yet!! She said we might as well start a year early… hahaha) and an ultrasound of my uterus. Yep, found something. I’ve got a tumor 2.5 centimeters by 4 centimeters. I considered that small, but my middle sis says kinda big actually. A uterus is not very big when not pregnant. My next appointment is for a hystogram or something of the sort. They will insert a camera in the uterus and biopsy (I assume). After that there are numerous treatments available depending on my circumstance. Of course hysterectomy is one of the options but many more are approached before hand. Kinda scary. Mom had hysterectomy at 45, grandmother at 40 and I am 39. Anyone have any comments?

Football has started and in full swing as well as school. AJ had a scrimmage up in Stillwater that went well. Aleck and I went up and wow… stopped in St. Paul for pizza. Watch for the post on that shortly. AJ’s first game they won, against Winona. Next game is tomorrow. Aleck’s first game is Saturday. Amanda started college and has panicked a bit. I suppose all freshmen go through some level of anxiety. Aleck is happy to be in school and gets to hang with his friends. Football has been harder on him this year as it does in fact get harder year after year. His feet really do bother him and he has an upcoming appointment with our orthopedic surgeon.

AJ has a new girlfriend that is the cutest thing ever. She goes to Mayo High School. Can’t wait for Homecoming Dances and lots and lots of pictures.

Jeri and I celebrated our 20th anniversary with little fanfare. But we will make up for that with a trip after football season. Just a weekend away at this point.

My father-n-law turned 70 couple days ago and many new photos are on the photo page. Take a gander.

New little one coming into the world right now. My friend Erin is in the hospital as I type this and we all await the arrival of Keegan.

New fall shows have started. Looking forward to Dancing with the Stars. Many new dramas as well. Hopefully the ones I like will not be cancelled like last year.

So the fall schedule of my life is as follows. 9:30am I get up ( I know, I’m spoiled). Boys are already off to school and Gabby and now Keegan will be here at 9:45. 11:15 Mel comes to get Gabby, I keep Keegan. 1:30 Garrett arrives. 3:15 I leave to pick up Arielle. We do her homework. 5:10 Keegan goes home 5:15 drop off Aleck at football practice. 5:30 pick up AJ and Garrett and Arielle go home. 8pm time to pick up Aleck. In there is any house work and cooking dinner. Should be fun….

I’ll be posting soon.

Ciao friends!!


~ by mamadubs on September 6, 2006.

2 Responses to “Up To Speed”

  1. Well here we are again, Ok maybe I havent made myself perfectly clear so I will tell it again. I would appreciate it if you or anyone that knows you, not put anything about me on the net. Dont refer to me or my life story or circumstances on the net, since I have already been disowned by members in your family. I have a right as does everyone else to some privacy and dignity. I am sure your mother taught you if you dont have anyting nice to say DONT SAY ANYTHING. I had left things lie and was starting to loosen up when while looking around for pictures of my niece and nephews I happen upon this, hoping for God sakes not to find anything about me but about the lame reality shows on TV. I am just wanting to live my life and take care of my family. I have left everyone alone figuring it would be for the best. As I found out no, that doesnt work either. So go tell it on the mountain….he he he, NO MORE. I am done if I want to see pictures of the kids I will just look at the last years photos. As for the coments in this lates Blaaaaag, I will not comment for as Bobbie said it best we all see what we want to see. I’snt that right?

  2. I had a new comment posted on my blog. Not sure how else to say that the blog is mine and if you don’t like what I write, I suggest that you don’t read it. Hence the disclaimer. I am not sure who the comment maker was, seems to me it is two people morphed into one. There was reference to the writer’s niece and nephews and also comments like “your mother” and “your family” and that can’t really define which person the author was. My photos of my family are easy to find. They are on my PHOTO PAGE, not here on my blog. You don’t even have to read a word on my blog if you choose to access the photo page from here. Well, maybe if you read the words PHOTO page that could help you out some. As to my comment on that comment. I really don’t have one. I just plainly don’t care anymore. I do not ‘pity the fool’ who chooses to make a mess of their life time and time again. That’s just plain stupidity. And even though my Mom did teach me to say only good things or nothing at all, my father told me that you do what it takes to protect your family. What I have chosen to do is protect my family. Mine. That was where the decision to not let a man accused (even though found innocent ((huge laugh here)) of killing an innocent baby near my children. Someone only that stupid gets what they deserve. After all, if the lesson of how to pick ‘ em hasn’t sunk in yet, hell, it never will. And this way, I am the bad guy. Just think, if I were to forgive and forget everything that has gone on between my sister and I and asked for her forgiveness in return, who would she have to be mad at? There are those who can never be truly happy unless they have someone to blame. I prefer to admit my mistakes, learn from them and move on. I’d rather be happy than feel sorry for myself. If you are reading this… it’s your own fault. As you certainly didn’t have to come back and read this. What I have posted is my opinion and a link in which to read public newspaper articles so the reader can make up their own minds. If your choices are so right, there should be no problem. You’ll never have dignity until. As far as hoping for God’s sake, try more than hoping, and ask him for guidance to protect the kids better than you have.

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