America’s Got Talent……I think.

First off, I owe you all an update from last week as I didn’t get to post the results. The juggling act Passing Zone was put through to the finals by America.

This week was the wild card show.
Nathan Burton’s magic was the first act. This is one guy who listens to the judges. They ask for each time they perform to step it up. He did. This is an act I would pay to see. He was awesome.

Bobby Badfingers was 2nd. True, he is good but taking ti up a notch, not sure he can do that.

Jessica Sanchez, wow, what a little wonder. Even though I thought the song was a little big for her in the beginning, she still did an outstanding job. A little more work and she’s a star in the making.

All That… always liked these guys. Entertaining and very, very good. Oh yea… and HOT!

medium_g_tv_eire.gifCorina Brouder has a voice of an angel. I thought to myself I would buy a CD of her’s if it was available. I decided to ‘google’ her.

Quick Change was next and they got slammed. Personally, I agreed with Pierce. He is asking… the 2 minutes before the act they show and the 2 minutes after, what do they do? Let us see that. What they have consistantly done is “sing the same song/dance the same dance”. The male end of the act said that this is what singers do, dancers do. Yes, but they sing and dance different things… not the same over and over. Sure, we are still amazed at how they do this act, but before long, I too will be bored.

Diversity sang, sucked, but sang just the same.

Natasha Le is just such a cutie. She is talented, without a doubt. She tried something a little different. I would rather of her not sang just played the classical, then the classic and back to the classical. That would have been better, but still this girl is incredible.

Alexis Jordan has great talent. She needs a little more work though. She was a bit flat at the beginning but she did a great job after that.

Leonid the Mag… no comment.

Judges put through All That… who will America put through??? Many are worthy. I’m torn. Alexis, Corina, Jessica or Natasha.


~ by mamadubs on August 10, 2006.

One Response to “America’s Got Talent……I think.”

  1. I think Natasha Le is absolutely adorable!! I voted for her and I hope she goes to the finals. I disagree with Piers. I think Natasha is an awesome singer. If Piers and Natasha had a singing contest, she would definately win!

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