So You Think You Can Dance week 8

Down to 6 this week. And it’s midnight right now so I am going to make this fairly short and sweet.

Ivan & Natalie- contemporary and jive

Benji & Donyelle (yeah… back together)- hip hop and Broadway

Travis & Heidi- smooth waltz and pop (African pop at that)

I thought he did well in the jive number, though the judges didn’t see it that way. You would never know he was strictly hip hop when he came into this competition. His kicks were great. I liked the contemporary more than I thought but it was not as good as the contemporary number Ivan did with Allison. Because of that you looked more at the moves and if they were executed correctly. His really weren’t. I have to say that his solo was good. Good not great.

Her solo felt as though I had seen it before. She needs a few more moves. I don’t really care much for Natalie and her facial expressions and such. I still think Allison was a better dancer than she is.

He defiantly has become a very strong dancer. Like the judges said, at the beginning he seemed to be working to keep up with the quality of dancing that Donyelle has. But this week really showed that he is just as strong a dancer as anyone on the show. And he has the personality to boot. I didn’t care for the hip hop routine. I thought there was too much running around the stage, and I wanted to see more moves. I didn’t care for the Broadway routine either but it wasn’t the dancing it was the choreographers in both.

One thing about her is that you never know what she is going to bring to her solo. She had such passion in that number that you could see it was hard for her to leave that on the stage when the time was up. I agreed with the judges and her unable to follow through with her moves. I don’t think that is typical of her, maybe tired. And what is with the outfits they put on her. I just hate the ones that show off her size like the Broadway number.

She is an amazing dancer. I loved both routines and her ability to dance nearly anything they throw at her.

I think he is my favorite. Even though his solo was a bit familiar I think the presence he exudes on stage speaks volumes.

I liked what Mia said at the close of the show to the dancers. Right now America loves them and they have lots of fans and press and the spot light. But in the dance world, that does not exist until you are legendary and none of them are… yet. She urged America to vote for the dancer not only the best but also one that can handle the accolades of winning the competition. In that case I truly think Travis should win.

This week Ivan and Natalie should leave us. I worry though that Travis doesn’t have enough of a fan base to stay. Lots of kids relate to hip hop and would vote for that vs. talent. Crossing my fingers.


~ by mamadubs on August 3, 2006.

3 Responses to “So You Think You Can Dance week 8”

  1. whoever is talking shit about cicely and olisa could go fuck themselves… you guys are a bunch of haters!!!! they are fun bring and a not so critical mood to the show.. stop hating!!! you don’t know them to call them brainless!!!! haters!!!!!!!!

  2. First off let me start by saying that negativity is a sign of insecurity and it is clear to me that this person is truely suffering with his or her own issues and instead of finding self pitty within their self they find the one thing that may be a slight resemblance of what they failed at trying to do in life and that is be positive and successful! So get a grip get off ur lonely ass and do something with your life other than trying to put down people who doing something with their lives….

    I honestly feel that those two girls are true spirited people and the world need more people like that and maybe everything in life would be a whole lot easier so to all that agree please give it up for Olisa and Cicely cause those girls ROCK!!!!

    OH and I have been following their careers’ and they are truley blessed, watch out yall cause we are about to see a whole lot more of them…..


  3. My comment to the two of you (Tara and Tori)…


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