America’s Got Talent

At least I can say this week was more entertaining than last week.

Passing Zone was first. Unique juggling act. They are entertaining and funny. But not worth a million bucks. Of all the juggling acts, they are probably the best though.

Celtic Spring was awesome. If anyone deserves the money it is this group. A family working and playing together. You can’t get more American than that. They dance and play at the same time. Pierce once again plays the devil that he can tell a family that they should split up if they want to see fame. Does he not know that family is more important than money? Gee… makes me wonder what the broken family ratio is in England.

Poor choice, I thought, for the show to put Sean and John after this family. Both are basically from the same genre. Sean and John were good, no doubt about that. But can they compare to the double talent of the family before them?

Lillia was fourth tonight. She didn’t do much differently than the first time we saw here. She is a contortionist. It does take skill, but not sure I’d classify it as talent.

Dave Smith the one man show was up. He is 6 foot and about 100 inches tall. Last time we saw him he put his legs behind his head and played the guitar. This time he did all the classic side show tricks. It was different from he first performance but certainly not outstanding or memorable.

The quick change act was up. Was it me or was it nearly the exact performance they did the first time? I wanted to see more. It is still mind boggling that they do this act. No one can figure out how exactly they get the job done. Just when you think maybe you can see a clue, you’re left with your mouth hanging open.

George Kelly, I think that was his name, was up next for to sing to us. He could have stayed home. I think it would have been much more interesting had he sang in another language like his first time. I thought he was pitchy. A bit more training and a lot more range and maybe he could go somewhere.

So, stripper sally was up next. I know that’s not her name but who cares. Damn, in the title of the show it actually has the name TALENT in it. Therefore you would think that the people trying out would have just a little of that…. talent. This chick? None. Aside from prancing around the stage with Kit the car of Hasselhoff’s early years. Wonder what she thought she was going to get using that. And made me wonder how she managed to add that to her act. Hmmmm. Anyway, I couldn’t help but notice the kids in the audience hiding their eyes. How sad. In the same show that it has good wholesome family talent it has stripper sally. Boo… to the show for that.

The unicycle group was messy, unrehearsed and just plain sad to watch. Yes, the whole ‘ keep the kids off the street and teach them some talent’ concept was great, just not enough.

Lastly… classic David Lee Roth wannabe. How pathetic. Talk about someone stuck in the 80’s!?!?! Desperation Squad was the name of the band. Made me in desperate need of the remote to turn the channel. But I was a bit curious to see who the judges were going to put through. Before the performance the lead singer said that if he couldn’t make a million dollars doing what he does, he’ll just have to sleep on someone’s couch. My advice to everyone out there who owns a couch….. LOCK YOUR DOORS!

At the conclusion of the show we see the judges banter back and forth starting first with the fact that they need a few minutes to make a decision. It is all so staged. At least try and fool us a little bit and do some better acting. But the judges put their heads together and make a decision, although it be the wrong one if you ask me. They put through the juggling act. Like it was hard to push 3 people around hanging from the ceiling. Hopefully America will put through who actually deserves it…. Celtic Spring!


~ by mamadubs on August 3, 2006.

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