So You Think You Can Dance week 7

One hour show this week. I always seem to look forward to this show. Glad to hear they have already been picked up by FOX to do a 3rd season. New couples this week:
Donyelle & Travis- Hip Hop & Quickstep
Allison & Ivan- Hip Hop & Argentine Tango
Ryan & Natalie- Disco & Contemporary
Heidi & Benji- Broadway & Mambo

Donyelle was a little weak in her hip hop routine. I didn’t care for the masks worn in this number and Don wasn’t as sharp as she needed to be. The quickstep was not quick enough for me. I’ve seen it done well before and so they had a lot to live up to. It started too slow and I didn’t care for it at all.

Travis was great in his hiphop steps even with the mask, as least he was able to step up and make the moves sharp. Quickstep still too slow for me, Travis seemed to falter a little on some of his steps. Just not up to Par.


Allison– First let me say I am soooooo happy that her and Ivan were paired again. I love the chemistry between these two. The tango was awesome and I loved watching it. Her hiphop was just as good. Really can’t say much negative about her but if she isn’t careful, she’ll turn people off with her sex kitten routine during the number showing. It didn’t work for Natalie very well and it doesn’t look good on Allison.

Ivan– Great, great job. Each week he proves he can step up to the plate and handle almost all the dances handed to him. I look forward to seeing him every week and see that he can do more than I ever expected. Very sexy in the mambo and cute and sexy in his hiphop.

Ryan– His Disco was sloppy and he just looked like he really didn’t want to be there. That is the thing I have said about Ryan from the beginning. In his own element of dance, he does an outstanding job. But with the others, he just can’t measure up. I think America made a mistake voting Dmitry off last week, at least he could do more than just his genre of dance. Ryan improved on his contemporary routine, but I really didn’t care for it much.

Natalie– Looked great in the disco number. No complaints there at all, or in her contemporary number. Well, maybe one comment, she is becomming forgetable.

Heidi– I wasn’t sure about the Broadway number only because her costume didn’t go with the theme of the song. The moves were perfect. She was amazing in the mambo as well.

Benji– how fun to see him and his cousin performing together. Their families must have been thrilled. He makes me want to watch him more and more.

I think the bottom four will be Ryan, Travis, Donyelle & Natalie. Who should go? Ryan and Natalie. I think we have seen all we are going to see out of those two. Donyelle and Travis are much more versatile. But is this week the “surprise” week that almost all the reality/vote them off shows seem to have. Or was is Dmitry leaving last week. We’ll see tomorrow.


~ by mamadubs on July 26, 2006.

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