America’s Got Talent week 3 semi finals

The show is called America’s Got Talent, but tonight they should have changed the name to stating the opposite. I was a horrible show. Should have known when at the top of the hour Donald Trump walks out on stage to give Regis the list of contestants we are about to see. Cheap tricks, and I am using the word tricks lightly. Obviously I have nothing better to do with part of my Wednesday evening. If I wasn’t concerned with finishing something I already started, I’d totally give up on this show. But that and the few acts I actually did find interesting in the previous weeks leads me to give me opinion on tonight’s show and report it to you.

Team Acrodunk- combo of Acrobatics and Basketball. Fun to watch, but that’s about it. Glad to hear they have something else to accompany their act, they do motivational speaking. Good for them.

Catelyn T. Love- 12 year old singer. She has a young voice and not much range at all. She won’t make it. Try again in a couple of years and skip this show if ‘heaven forbid’ it’s still on the air and try for American Idol.

Sonia Le- Electic Violinist- sounded pretty screechy to me. I would have been more impressed with traditional violin and music instead. It was distracting to see her all over the stage, the bright pink violin and the accompanied music.

Elliott Zinett- HIp hop magic. He was all right, too much time walking the stage than actually doing an act. And the dancing at the end, what was that?

ten 13 Concept- if their concept is music that is all over the place and seems from different songs, than they’ve got it. They need some improving and much more practice. Ok for a free concert in the park, but not TV.

Rappin Granny- The title says it all. And here again, I am asking myself why I watch this stupid show. Thank God for FAST FORWARD.

Nathan Burton- comedy/magician. He was good. Made you wonder how he did it and wanting more. Very impressive.

Bianca Ryan- one of the reasons I am even watching this show. She was awesome at her last performance. Tonights was lacking a bit. Janis Joplin songs need a much bigger developed voice. Her’s is big, don’t get me wrong, but she should have stuck with a more contemporary song, or jazz/R&B. The judges gave here a lot of criticism so I think they would want her to do well. If not now in the future.

Juggler dude… can’t remember his name and frankly don’t care. I’ve seen more at the Renaissance Festival. Next!

Stilt world- uncomfortable to watch and I am not referring to the fall. Didn’t like it at all.

Who should the judges have put through? Either Bianca or Nathan Burton. Who did they put through?

RAPPIN GRANNY!?!?!?! I’m dumbfounded.


~ by mamadubs on July 26, 2006.

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