SYTYCD week 6 results

Short and sweet…. the results.

Martha and Natalie are bottom two women.
Dmitry and Ryan are bottom two men.

Nigel has mad mention that America will not be judging by skill but by other means. Maybe Ivan received many votes for the type of dance he does, it’s popular and fun. He has been able to cross over to other types of dance well.

We said goodbye to Martha and sadly…. Dmitry. I’m bummed. Next week, new partners.

How about that opening performance? It was creepy yet I found myself intrigued at the same time


~ by mamadubs on July 21, 2006.

2 Responses to “SYTYCD week 6 results”

  1. I love the show – glad to know someone else is watching!

    I kept counting the girls during the opening dance and kept coming up one short. I narrowed it down to Allison or Natalie. Do you happen to know?

  2. To Lorainne…
    I too took notice to the fact that there were only four girls. Natalie was the one missing. I hear she has an injury to her calf/knee. The reports vary. If you watch the routine again, you can see Allison with that jaw drop look of a zombie. Thanks for checking out my site.

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