So You Think You Can Dance week 6

Donyelle (hip/hop-freestyle)
Allison (Modern Lyrical)
Heidi (Latin Ballroom Swing)
Martha (hip hop)
Natalie (Lyrical/Jazz)

Benji (swing)
Travis (Lyrical)
Dmitri (Jazz)
Ryan (Contemporary)
Ivan (hip hop)

This week was a bit difficult to judge. Changing your thought process to evaluate each person and seeing them in different orders, so I followed the format of the show and after seeing them all, do the judging.

I have to start off with mentioning that Cat looks like she came on stage straight from bed. Next thought, ‘oh crap! Cicely and Olisa are judging. These two can’t form a thought on their own. They have yet to be able to speak an entire sentence and never disagree with each other. Worthless.

Now to what really important
Donyelle– her solo left me at a loss for words. Every time I see her dance I love it. She has been able to do everything. Next her Lindy Hop. It was fun fast and the technique didn’t matter or I found myself not even looking at it because it was so fun to watch. I liked the Samba much better. What a beautiful girl.

Allison– Tonight I didn’t see the same sparkle in her eye that I have in weeks past. She definitely has great technique and the ability to do any movement the choreographer asks for. This brings me to her Contemporary piece. Wow! I have never seen anything like it before. Though it was not as pleasing to the eye to watch as other contemporary routines, I found myself unable to take my eyes off of her and Ryan. Their ability to manipulate their bodies in the most unnatural positions and still able to entertain us with the preciseness was nothing less than amazing.

Heidi– She did a great job on her solo, though personally I would have liked it better if she was in heels. In the Paso she was smooth, intense, believable- perfect. The contemporary was incredibly touching. It softened her, it was almost as if the performance reached her inside. Her eyes looked different, almost like she had an awakening to a different world of dance.

Martha– i didn’t care for her solo at all. I don’t see the passion for dancing in her like I do the others. There is nothing spectacular about her at all. In her hip-hop routine was great. She was in sync with her partner and very sharp with her movements. In the smooth waltz I thought she did a good job. Her lines were not as good as Ivan’s. One of the bottom 2 women.

Natalie– I haven’t cared much for her since the beginning. I don’t care for her presence and her attitude. She can dance well even though she is definitely not one of the best ones. Jazz was her first dance with Benji. I didn’t care for it. It felt like two separate dancers on stage. They had different choreography that I saw no connection between. Her hip-hop was well done. She was very sharp in her movements and right on. Her solo- wow… I wished it wouldn’t have ended. It looked as if it were a small part of a very amazing performance. Absolutely breathtaking. I have to say, I felt her attitude much softer than usual. She was more humble. Was it her parents being there or her not having Musa’s energy to feed off of, she was more likeable, without a doubt.

Benji– the jazz routine he performed well, just didn’t like the choreography. I felt him a little lacking in the hip-hop routine as there were times he wasn’t doing as well as Natalie. He wasn’t as sharp and he needed to be. His solo was awesome. Another one where I was disappointed when the theme music came on because I didn’t want him to stop dancing. He’s great.

Travis– I love this guy with the baby face. You see him and think he will be limited in his ability. He just looks so young and possibly not very experienced. But when he starts to move you can’t help but keep your eyes glued to him. He has a sexiness that is very subtle and intriguing. His solo was awesome. In the Paso he played the part correctly and very intensely. He did a perfect job. The contemporary, if I could have stood in my living room giving a standing ovation and he would see it, I’d have done it! It was so beautiful it sucked me in and I could sit and feel it. When I started watching this show I wasn’t so sure of the contemporary or lyrical dancing. I now find myself looking forward to Mia’s choreography. It moves me in a way I have never been before.

Dmitry– Dmitry, Dmitry, Dmitry. Just the thought of him… whew (fanning myself). I loved his solo. He put in some newer moves that I hadn’t seen him do. I love how he moves his feet. And yes, thanks for the eye candy at the end of the solo. I do understand Nigel’s thoughts on getting by on looks or talent. He is lucky to have both. medium_dmitry-01-2006-7-19.jpg

The Lindy Hop was good, he slipped up a bit in the lifts, but he looked good. The salsa, on the other hand, if I could scream like Mary I would. It was sexy to watch and I love when he stands behind his partner and they move as one. The top half of their bodies moving in a circle. I’d love to be his partner!

Ryan– that contemporary number, again I say amazing. He is good at what he knows. I can see him feeling the music and the dance when he is in his own element. But when he gets into something different than that like the Jazz number he puts on a fake smile. It makes me uncomfortable to watch him like that. He seems to have a very sad soul and he can express himself much better in the contemporary world.

Ivan– He did great in the hip hop routine. As I would have expected. In the smooth waltz I give him great kudos. He had superb lines and you wouldn’t think he was a free style dancer by watching that. His solo left something to be desired. I felt he used the wheels too much and didn’t show off his talents like we expect. With the competition he is up against, he needs to bring more than others and I think he left it at home. While watching his solo I had a thought, it was almost as if the two other routines were so technical that he sluffed on his own solo. It is that kind of performance that will separate the fun to watch to the truly talented.

I think Ryan and Ivan will be in the bottom two if that is how we will get introduced to the dancer with the lowest votes. As in who would actually go home, that is a little tougher. Ryan has the talent, no doubt about it. Does he have the fan base to stay over Ivan is the question. As far as talent goes, I don’t want to dismiss Ivan’s talent because he has been able to do more than expected and more of a variety. I think what we have seen in Ryan is all we will see. I think Ivan can do more. So it’s a toss up for me.

Martha and possibly Natalie in the bottom for the ladies. Easy one here, Martha should go.

I now want to address the powers that be. Get rid of Cicely and Olisa!!!!!!!
I am truly convinced that the two of them share one brain. Can someone get them a dictionary and a thesaurus?!?!?! I have never disliked a judge so much as those two. They are completely worthless. They have no thoughts all their own, most of the time they are grunting or can’t speak, throwing their arms in the air. Again… one brain in the works there, and I’m not sure of the quality of that brain either.


~ by mamadubs on July 20, 2006.

One Response to “So You Think You Can Dance week 6”

  1. Olisa and Cicely are cool! Hehe I like the way they dance =) I met them today!

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