America’s Got Talent semi-finals week 2

Again this week we have more acts than there is time to watch. Ten acts get picked by the judges to be viewed by America. At the end of the show it is expected to be the same as last week. The judges choose 1 act to be in the finals, America votes and the following night the rest of us find out who else moves on.

Dave the horn guy was the first act to see, and wow, if he is one of the ten picked I can’t imagine how bad the other five acts are. Totally cheese and sucked big time.

Realis was up 2nd. I felt it a bit odd to watch actually. The girl looked like a toy doll next to her partner’s ‘ giantness’. With that said their tricks were very precise and well executed. Aside from being the one who throws the girl around, the guy didn’t do much but catch her and balance her. Not really all that spectacular.

At Last was composed genuinely of four mega-talented singers. Amazing and all a cappella. I almost didn’t realize that they were just so good, I was mesmerized.

Natasha Le is a beautiful girl playing beautiful music. 8 years old and a completely superb talent.

Vladimir was great to watch, but not worth $1,000,000. Probably fun to watch as a show in Wisconsin Dells or something.

Bobby Badfingers was enjoyable to watch. As I am aging I thought to myself, “oh the arthritis that man will someday suffer.” He was entertaining and has a little of a wow factor that someone can control his fingers and snap like that. Overall he still is a bit cheesy.

Sugar N Spice- sadly an awful act. They were cute girls, just need far more practice, far, far more. It was too bad really that they were chosen to be on television for everyone to see how untalented they really were.

NVersity made singing look absolutely effortless. I didn’t understand Brandy’s comment on not having chemistry. Not sure where that came from. If this was American Idol, they definitely would move on, just not sure if they will compared to At Last.

Mark the knife guy- I could have missed this one. The baby stuff bothered me, but that has more to do with what is going on in my own life rather than the performance. Yes, he balanced a running lawnmower on his chin, but lets remember the handle was stabilized and probably weighed 30 pounds.

Leonid the Mag… oh I can’t even finish typing his name. Ok, no makeup this week, no heels, no wings. He actually managed to do a hair better than the first time, and even though close to tears, thank goodness he didn’t cry. He is something to see to believe. medium_agt02-04a.jpg


~ by mamadubs on July 19, 2006.

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