So You Think You Can Dance week 5

Donyelle (hip/hop-freestyle) & Benji (swing)

Ivan (hip hop) & Allison (Modern Lyrical)

Jaymz (love the spelling) (mostly ballroom) & Jessica (Ballet)

Dmitri (Jazz) & Ashley (Popper)

Ryan ( Contemporary) & Heidi ( Latin Ballroom Swing)

Travis (Lyrical) & Martha ( hip hop)

Musa ( hip hop street funk) & Natalie ( Lyrical/Jazz)

Natalie & Musa- HipHop- I felt like they were all over the place, partly because of the camera work. Really had to watch and keep track of style and technique. I didn’t even know that Musa did all the bouncing around until one of the judges mentioned it and then I had to rewind and watch it again.

Ryan & Heidi- ChaCha- I think Nigel hit it on the head. I have been watching Heidi every week with something about her bugging me. She scrunches her face. Overall I think this couple did great. And I appreciate that they are much more humble than Natalie & Musa.

Allison & Ivan- contemporary- I was speechless. Absolutely beautiful work by both dancers.

Dmytry & Ashley- Pop- It was okay. I still don’t care for the judges deciding each week what the couples dance. I think the judges could set them up for failure.

Travis & Martha- Fox Trot- Smooth & Elegant. Loved watching it.

Donyelle & Benji- Broadway- What fun to watch, I found myself wiggling in my seat wanting to join them in the dance. I didn’t like Donyelle’s dress, but they are such a cute couple and obvious favorites.

This week in the bottom three is anyone’s guess. It’s getting down to it and even the best of dancers will find themselves dancing for their lives. Dmytry and Ashley will for sure be in the bottom three. If it were up to me I would include Natalie & Musa and Travis and Martha. I think it possible for Ryan and Heidi to be spared because they have consistently been amazing. I expect Dmytry and Ashley to be let go tonight. I think we have seen all the versatility we are going to out of those two. Much more potential for the others.


~ by mamadubs on July 13, 2006.

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