America’s Got Talent semi finals week 1

I’ve watched a couple episodes of this show. It’s entertaining at least. A little different concept. As we watch what they call semi finals, we are about to see 10 of the 15 acts that the judges put through to the next round. From those 10 acts, the judges will pick 1 to move to the next round. America will vote and put one other act through. This is what we saw last night…

Taylor- singer/yodeler- self taught girl with a cute face and awesome yodeler. She’s got personality. I don’t care much for the way she sings. Her voice changes too much, but the yodeling is great.

All That- dancing- not sure if they are clogging, tapping or what exactly. Nice to look at, very in unison. I enjoyed seeing them. They are in with the styles of today. I liked them.

Kevin Johnson- ventriloquist- absolutely mind blowing the first time we saw him. He can, not only throw his voice, but he can do so and move his lips in the ‘ old Godzilla movie’ style. Tonights performance wasn’t much different than his first one. He really needed to step up and show us more and didn’t. I would very much like seeing his whole act sometime.

Alexis- singer- I thought she was awesome and much better than the first time I saw her. Awesome voice, absolutely.

Vladik- juggler- He was entertaining, but not in the class to be in this competition. Some of the other acts are just so amazing. He is definitely good at a professional level.

Shawn- singer- wow… sucked big time. off pitch, off key, and couldn’t hold his notes. He was as good as any drag queen. I found it ironic that Hasselhoff was the one critiquing his singing voice. He’s definitely out.

JR John- dog act- Kudos to John for using rescue dogs!!! Absolutely deserves a medal for that. Tonights act didn’t compare to the first one. He left me puzzled a few times wondering what he was doing. It was slow at times almost standing still.

Hoopalicious- Hoop dancer- Fun to watch, but nothing I can’t see at a good Renaissance Festival.

Corina – singer/harpist- Beautiful, beautiful voice. Harder this time to hear the harp. I appreciated that she changed it up a bit and did a rock song.

The Miller’s- singers/harmonica player- AWESOME!!! The first time I saw these guys I thought it was a hoax. 20 year old brother, cute enough, plays guitar and sings. 12 year old brother with a baby face reminiscent of a young Wayne Newton. He is the harmonica player and no words can express how talented this kid is. I thought for sure we’d see someone in the background being the real harmonica player and he was faking it. To my amazement the kid is the real deal. This week better than the first time out!
Brandy and Hasselhoff commended the performance. ‘ Nigel/Simon/stuck up British dude’ felt the 12 year old should dump his brother and play on his own. All that brought tears to the kid’s eyes as well as my own. The kid refused and big brother took the criticism well. Both stand up men to me. Take note British dude… that comment showed how shallow you really are!

That all said, the judges put through the Miller’s. I stress the ‘s part. I was very excited. Winner of this competition takes $1,000,000. Thursday night we find who America puts through.


~ by mamadubs on July 13, 2006.

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