So You Think You Can Dance week 3

aka Chemistry Week
Donyelle (hip/hop-freestyle) & Benji (swing)

Ivan (hip hop) & Allison (Modern Lyrical)

Jaymz (love the spelling) (mostly ballroom) & Jessica (Ballet)

Dmitri (Jazz) & Aleksandra ( Contemporary/Lyrical/Jazz)

Ryan ( Contemporary) & Heidi ( Latin Ballroom Swing)

Ben (Contemporary) & Ashlee (Popper)

Travis (Lyrical) & Martha ( hip hop)

Musa ( hip hop street funk) & Natalie ( Lyrical/Jazz)

Yep… here I am actually before the results have been announced. Busy busy summer and having the flu put me back a bit. I stayed up late last night and watched it on my TiVo. I love fast forward…

The unofficial theme tonight was chemistry, chemistry, chemistry. First up…

Ashley & Ben these guys are so cute together. Hip hop was what they drew out of the hat. I liked what they did. It was fun and even though you could definitely see the contemporary side of Ben coming out. I enjoyed it.

Heidi & Ryan had the Cuban Samba. Wow! Not my kind of dancing, but in the technical aspect it was awesome. I started out not liking it, but in the end all I could say was Wow!

Dmitry & Aleks is a couple I was looking forward seeing dance. A new pairing and they both look hot so I thought we really were going to see some fireworks. They had the Waltz to do. The choreography was awesome. I was hoping for more sparks. There were times when I could see some connections and the extensions were great. But…. it was not enough for me. It wasn’t horrible but……

Allison & Ivan … the Argentine Tango. Holy Hanna!!!!! That was definitely hot, technique was right on. Personally I don’t care for Ivan, but tonight he soooooo did a good job. No one would know that hip hop was his style it was absolutely incredible.

Donyelle & Benji are two people in the competition that if I got to be friends with anyone one of the dancers, these two would be the pair I would choose. They danced Pop Jazz, reminded me of the 80’s in a way. I have loved every dance they have done and they did not disappoint me on this either.

Musa & Natalie were all right. I thought she was a bit stiff in the hips and I really didn’t care for their fast step. No one was bad tonight. This year should be interesting because they all are so good. Each week they all seem to improve so getting eliminated should prove interesting.

At this point in the show I believe they have said the word chemistry 50 times. All right already, we know, they need chemistry to be a considered a good couple and yes, every couple needs it. But I’m tired of hearing about it. And it could be my PMS but I am sick and tired of the cheesy acting done while the voting numbers are flashed across the screen. I don’t want how they act before the commercial to be the deciding factor for who you vote for. I couldn’t stand when singers did it on American Idol and I don’t care for it here. How about a little humility.

Jessica & Jamyz had a contemporary number to perform. I understood the story behind the dancing. I just don’t think it came through by the end of the song. It seemed a very serious mood to me and at the end I could see Jessica smiling. It didn’t fit. I liked how they used the entire stage, but of course that was thanks to the choreographer.

These choreographers this year must have blood of gold the way the judges gush over each and every one of them each week. Pew….

Lastly… Travis and Martha dancing hip hop. I expected more, much more than what they gave. I did NOT care for the choreography on this number but unlike me, the judges once again give kudos to the man. I felt Martha looked like a hoochie momma in that outfit and they both were dressed so opposite of each other I didn’t watch them as a couple but as two individual dancers. My eyes kept going back and forth, it was just a bit off. I think that was the fault of the choreographer in this one. Again the word chemistry is mentioned. Yes they have it. I think Travis is a hottie in his own way. The looks he gives Martha I actually found myself rewinding to see the closeness between them.

Before I give my bottom 3, let me say one little thing about the judges Celine and Lisa. Props to them for knowing their stuff. If it’s hip hop of any sorts they can definitely teach it and critique it. All other dancing, on the other hand, they have no clue. They can’t even give mention to lines, technique, feet, position… when it’s a different dance they just clap and make faces. I wish they wouldn’t use them to give constructive criticism. And…. do all the choreographers have sex on the brain??? I love sexy stuff too, but every single number?!?!?!

Without further ado….

Ben & Ashley
Musa & Natalie
Travis & Martha

If I had to choose who should leave of those couples I would have to say Musa & Martha.
I’ll be back tonight to see if anyone agreed with me.


~ by mamadubs on June 29, 2006.

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