So You Think You Can Dance week 1

I know this post will be late, so I’ll make it quick and simple. I promise next week to be better.

Last week we lost Stanislav and Erin.

Martha & Travis- Krumping. Thought Marsha looked a little unsure at times but it still was great.

Jamyz & Jessica- Foxtrot. Amazing. Beautiful to watch. Didn’t want them to be finished with the routine.

Ivan & Alissa- HipHop. I didn’t care for the routine at all. It seemed slow and I expected more from Ivan since this is his style of dance.

Dmitry & Joy- Samba. Joy was not good at all. She was not sexy and didn’t complete her lines. I can see her bringing them both into the bottom three. Dmitry on the other hand was very good. You could tell he knew what he was doing and was always in control.

Natalie & Musa- Contempory. Much better than last week. Definite connection between the two of them. Musa did great for it not being his style of dance. The two of them were very natural looking.

Ryan & Heidi- Pop. Loved it! They were fun to watch. They looked great. I didn’t want to miss a step.

Ben & Ashley- American Jive. Not much jiving happening in their routine. I have to ask after seeing this show for the 2nd week, why are they putting Ben into these sexual steps of the routine. I feel they are forcing the issue after a second week of it. Ben handles it like a trooper. But I feel uncomfortable watching these moves from him. All considered, I liked it especially because they give it their all.

Aleks & Jason- HipHop. Aleks looks tired and sloppy at times. Other steps she is stiff. I didn’t care for it, but thought Jason did well.

Benji & Donelle- ChaCha. AWESOME! Chemistry between these two at a level above sexual that looks everlasting. Absolutely my favorite couple!

MY bottom three couples are:
Allison & Ivan
Aleks & Jason
Joy & Dmitry

Leaving…. Joy and Ivan

I did watch the results before posting this entry and AMERICA’S bottom three were:
Joy & Dmitry
Heidi & Ryan
Aleks & Jason

Joy and Jason left us. Looking forward to next week and seeing Aleks and Dmitry together. They look good, hope they dance as well. And…. have to mention…. Dmitry in his black for the dance off…. WOW! Had me thinking he looked better than Patrick Swayze at the end of Dirty Dancing… go Dmitry!


~ by mamadubs on June 22, 2006.

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