Rate at 8 KROC

Wow… what fun to hear Chester Bay on the radio tonight. I purposely did not call myself and rate because of course they would have gotten a 10 by me and I wanted to see what others thought. It was refreshing to hear the rates of those who did not know the band and could be objective. Overall the band did well. There were 2 rates of 1 each. Not sure about those people, but to each his own. I do think however, that if those raters were to listen to more of the band they would have a different opinion. Everyone reading… take this Saturday to check out the band at Rochesterfest. I guarantee you will enjoy Chester Bay. I will be there with my camera in tow. Any of you who know me, knows I love taking pictures. Just a few other things to mention is the band will be playing ‘ Down by the Riverside’. Come out to one of these events or like me, to all of the events to support the band. I have the CD as well as the Bosben’s acoustic CD. Now I am in hopes of T-Shirts and a CD in the making. Yes, I know this one came out this year, but I am literally wearing out my CD in the car and would love to hear a new one is in the making.
See you at the Show!


~ by mamadubs on June 21, 2006.

One Response to “Rate at 8 KROC”

  1. Dear the Mighty Band,

    In reference to your website…..lol…. Jimmy Hendrix would have been ashamed to be quoted by a group that see’s themselves as a derived image. “James” as you put it, believed music to be his religion because he thought the “pseudo Christian”(currently known as the Bush followers) and their beliefs were fucking destroying the morality of God. Dig? who aren’t you trying to replicate? You name musicians (most of which are phony, bastardized musically-schooled mama boys) that are only known by pre-teen, privately schooled sally’s, from the true hick-town itself. John Lennon would be laughing at all of you if he was still alive and Jimmy Page would wonder why you even bother listening to his music? Not trying to be a complete asshole, but honestly what the in the fuck sakes are you guys trying to prove….I suggest all of you go home, throw away every cd you may own (excluding jimmy, BOB, zeppelin and the beatles.. you can give these to anyone that doesn’t know you) and start dating eachother. However, if you plan on playing “local-charity” gigs or if you plan on being KROC’s(of shit) little home-town celebirty band then keep it up, cuz you have every evangelist girl/Boyhood friend (who see Dave Matthews as Gandhi) in the surrounding meadows of the soybean fields (What you may know as home), screaming out “play me some fucking Dispatch DUDES”. I don’t know if it is just me but you all look like your going to watch the “Game”(a term often used by half retarded people without any sense descriptional vocabulariy) while sporting those real rockish-(NOT)-stylin’ baseball caps and that oh so popular abercrombie attire. It’s bad enough that your trying to sell an image through your music but it’s even sadder that your beloved image better fits a “alumni-turned coach” being praised at the local pewee hockey club. Then again this maybe the point of what you’re ass-piring to be? You characters look and sound like sally-struthers-alot trying to slurp up the punch bowl even though the juice spilled all over the floor before you could even start shlushtering at it. In other words, A retarded toddler is always awarded after he plays do re me so why shouldn’t chester bay be?

    Tob Rommas

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