Intro To The First Show

Last summer, in being desperate for some entertainment, I tuned in to the new show ‘ So You Think You Can Dance?’. I was surprisingly enjoying it and even though I am not a dancer, besides clubs and with my Mom, that you can pretty much see who will be ‘ dancing for their lives’ and those who won’t. Yes technique matters but so does personality and versatility. As this year’s shows started I did not have a chance to watch all the beginning episodes. No problem, just watching from the first dance off would work just fine. That episode aired last night. I will admit that last year was the first time I had heard of many of these dances. Even though, I think I can tell who will be in the bottom three couples and dancing for their lives.

Here is a little info on the judges:
Nigel: Executive Producer
Brian: Choreographer of Freestyle- I like his honesty but I don’t care for this choreography
Dan: Choreographer for dancers Britney Spears & *NSYNC – Excellent dancer and definitely honest and tells it like it is. Not quite as harsh as Simon Cowell, but he gets his point across just he same.
Mia: Choreographer of Lyrical
Ron: Choreographer of Latin Dance/Ballroom
Mary: Choreographer of Ballroom
Doriana: Choreographer of Disco
Shane: Choreographer of Hip Hop

On to the dancers:
Couple 1
Donyelle (hip/hop-freestyle) & Benji (swing)- They had a hip hop routine that was awesome! Who knew Benji could move like that. Fun to watch

Couple 2
Ivan (hip hop) & Allison (Modern Lyrical)- They were unfortunate to get assigned a ballroom routine. Ivan is tall and skinny and even though he can dance hip hop, looks very uncomfortable with this dance. Allison did well, though I felt she was leaning a little Lyrical in the leg movements. They actually looked like rubber for a second there.

Couple 3
Jason (hip hop/Jazz) & Aleksandra ( Contemporary/Lyrical/Jazz)- They danced a contemporary routine that was great. Actually I thought Jason did better than Aleksandra. I’m not real familiar with this kind of dance, but I know I have seen better and worse. They should be fine.

Couple 4
Jaymz (love the spelling) (mostly ballroom) & Jessica (Ballet)- A 70’s disco dance and they did a great job. Always fun to watch disco. We all make fun of it, but it makes us all smile. I liked it!

Couple 5
Stanislav ( ballroom) & Erin (Jazz/lyrical)- very sexy ballroom dance that of course, Stan mastered. It’s his forte so who would expect anything else. Erin did all right. Her landings were a little hard and she was smiling during the dance which should have been more of an intense face. Stan made up for any lack of hers on this routine.

Couple 6
Dmitri (Jazz) & Joy (Lyrical )- Her bio on FoxTV says Jazz/ Lyrical/ Hip Hop. What????? Her and Dmitri danced a hip-hop routine and it pretty much sucked. Unfortunately, with another hip hop dance before them, they really lacked in comparison.

Couple 7
Ryan ( Contemporary) & Heidi ( Latin Ballroom Swing) – Their dance was a waltz and not any ordinary waltz but the Viennese Waltz. A dance that is flowing with movement. Luckily her dress did a lot of the flowing for them.

Couple 8
Ben (Contemporary) & Ashlee (Popper)- 80’s disco… I guess there really is a difference between 70’s and 80’s disco. They did all right. I thought the lifts were well done, the rest was entertaining enough, but not great.

Couple 9
Travis (Lyrical) & Martha ( hip hop) – They did an awesome Broadway routine that made them look like they had been partners before. Totally fun to watch… I loved it.

Couple 10
Musa ( hip hop street funk) & Natalie ( Lyrical/Jazz) – They danced a sexy ballroom routine. And even though Musa was pretty stiff, but still far better than Ivan.

Judges for the night were: Nigel, Dan & Mary. Nigel is usually right to the point but centers more on the entertainment factor and not always really specific. Dan is always totally honest and gives some really great constructive criticism. Mary…. oh man… I just thank goodness I have fast forward!!!! Her voice, her choice of words… it all makes my ears hurt!

Bottom 3 couples:
Ivan & Allison
Dmitri & Joy
Ben & Ashlee


~ by mamadubs on June 15, 2006.

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