Back To The Swing Of Things

Well kids, here I am alive and well. Finally got things under control at home. Amanda is graduated, school is out, the party is over and summer begins. Now that my favorite TV shows are on hiatus, I’ve got time to sit in front of the computer and share all my thoughts, like it or not. The only show keeping my attention is ‘so you think you can dance’. To bring you a little more up to date on the progress here… the walls are painted and wallpapered, the outside of the house is painted, the flowers are planted and yes, I am still working on Amanda’s slide show. I want to send a copy with my ‘rents to Germany to show the grandparents. Two weeks and we have an orientation at Crossroads College, Rochesterfest is coming up as well as concerts ‘ Down by the Riverside’. The Tukua’s have always wanted us to go, but until this year I’ve had no interest. Chester Bay will be playing and the following week 38 Special… wow, aging myself with that last comment. My niece Arielle is off to Michigan for a good part of the summer and Aleck will be leaving for Washington state June 30th for a month. I’ve started taking care of Gabrielle, Scott Tukua’s little girl and love having her here. Then in the afternoon I can head next door and see the newest Tukua, Aydin. So of course, lots and lots of pictures to come. I better get started…



~ by mamadubs on June 9, 2006.

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