Still Here

Hey kids…
Still kicking here, just busier than usual. Graduation is about 10 days away, and after that I’m back. I have managed to watch my shows and have my opinions, big surprise there, but getting back online to add my two cents isn’t always in my schedule. So here is my mini version…
American Idol
Sad to see Elliott go on last week, but it wasn’t a huge surprise. I personally just like him and admire him with all the struggles he has gone through in life. I was a little dissapointed in watching tuesday night as two of the songs that Kat and Taylor sang, they had sang the week before. I really didn’t care for either of the singles they sang that will be their first released. Wednesday’s show was awesome! Best finally show yet! I loved seeing the top 12 and it made me want to see the concert more than ever. And yes, seeing Ace… I hadn’t realized how much I have missed seeing him every week till the sideways smile of his flashed before my eyes. I enjoyed the guest singers and Wolfgang Puck with Kellie was hysterical. An actress indeed. Meatloaf is one of my favorites since my cousin Paulie had me listen to Bat out of Hell album. Though felt a little concern that Meat was shaking so much. He usually has much more control than that. Yes, I know we all are getting older and shakier, yet it still makes me wonder on his health. Seeing him sing with Katherine flashed my mind back to that Bat out of Hell album and Paradise by the Dashboard Light video. What a resemblance to the female singer in his group back in the day. The awards were great. How some of those people come back, mostly the ‘clay aiken’ dude, is beyond me. Good sense of humor I suppose. Cracked me up when they showed his expression as Clay walked out. And wow… has he done some changing! I was hoping that Ace was going to sing, but as I thought about that I knew two of his idols were Mickael Jackson, puke, and Prince. Well, it certainly would be a long shot if Prince would show… ut oh, foot in mouth! I was soooo excited to see Prince, my all time f-a-v-o-r-i-t-e!!
Oh.. break over… I’ll continue later.


~ by mamadubs on May 25, 2006.

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