American Idol

Wow.. time is flying by awfully fast. I’ve been busy wallpapering and cleaning, I almost forgot to add my two cents and tell you what I think about AI this week.

Elliot-‘Open Arms’- a bit boring the first half but still can listen to near all he sings. 8.5 and kudos to Simon for giving some genuine advise.
‘What You Won’t do for Love’- great job 9.25
‘I belive to my soul’? not sure on the title to that one, but he needs to really score with this one to be in the finals. I think he should have picked a song that was more known. Still good, but not good enough. 8.75

Katherine-‘I Believe I can Fly’- Not sure what is up with Randy tonight, I thought it was great! Near perfect! 9.75
‘Somewhere over the Rainbow’. At first I wasn’t sure. 5 seconds in … I was crying. There was a subtleness to it that made it more beautiful than the original!!! 10
‘I ain’t got nothing but the blues’ Okay… we didn’t know it. But still it was good, entertaining and kept our attention. Snappy little tune. 9.25

Taylor-‘Dancing in the Dark’ Perfect song! I found myself smiling as I realized how much Taylor does this for the fun and love of music. Even at this stage of the game, when everyone is pulling out all the stops, he adds fun. Pulling Paula out to dance shows his game in all this. 8.75
‘You are so Beautiful’- After hearing this I found myself worried for Elliott. 9.5 for Taylor
‘Try a little Tenderness’- Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! 10

Without even averaging out the scores I can see Elliott is falling short of Taylor & Katherine. But for those of you that like everything neat and complete the scores are…..

Elliott 8.833333
Katherine 9.67
Taylor 9.42


~ by mamadubs on May 16, 2006.

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