American Idol week 12

Elvis week, how fun. There are only 4 left. I have to say they were definitely the best of the bunch. I was excited to hear what they had in store for us. With it being this close to the end, I figured it must be good.

Taylor started us out with ‘Jailhouse Rock’, sure it was fun, and I kind of like seeing Taylor’s goofy dancing. But when he was finished, I have to say I agreed with Simon. It was nothing more than a wild Kareoke performance that reminded me of what a drunk cousin would do at a wedding dance. I gave him an 8 for the fun quality.

Chris with ‘Suspicious Minds’. I was excited to see this, basically because it is my favorite Elvis song. I was curious to see if Chris would use his diaphragm to sing. I gave him a 9. I thought he did a great job. He had a lot of control with his voice and he sounds his best that way. I don’t like it when he screams so much that his voice sounds like it’ll break at any moment.

Elliott sang “If I can Dream”. My first thought is why did he pick this song? I worried how it would play out. But as he began to sing I found myself mesmerized by him. By the time he was finished, all I could think was talent…TaLeNt…. TALENT! 9.75

Katherine with ‘Hound Dog/All Shook Up” – Wow! At this point in the competition, fun songs is just not going to get you through to the next round. She messed up the words. Awesome ending but otherwise just ok. 8.25

Taylor – ‘In the Ghetto’- Awesome! He should have picked a song like this for the first one as well. At this point, it’s the type of performance that is needed. 9.5

Chris – ‘A little less Conversation’ – Good, I liked the low tone in his voice. Something somehow was just amiss. Can’t but my finger on it. 9 And Paula… please shut up.

By the way I loved Ryan’s joke on Paula that her dancing made him feel like giving her a dollar. I think that was when Chris was singing. How does she stand there all alone and dance like that, then sit down and have Randy and Simon laughing at her. That cracks me up.

Elliott sang ‘Trouble’. Great camera direction and lighting. Cutting to the backup singers and band was cool. But Elliott’s singing stands on it’s own and extra stuff aside, he was incredible!! 9.75

Katherine-‘Can’t help falling in love with you’- Much, much better than the first song. I saw too that she ran out of breath. Certainly not my favorite performance from Katherine. 8.75

Average scores

Taylor 8.75
Chris 9
Elliott 9.625
Katherine 8.5

Taylor & Katherine in the bottom 2. By my scores for this show Katherine should go home, but think it could be Taylor. Overall if I had to take into account all the shows, it could be Elliott. I want him to win personally. Fingers are crossed!

OH… yes I have to include a picture of Ace… he is still missed… This is when he sang the word ‘naked’ in Father Figure… never will I hear that word and NOT think of ACE!!!



~ by mamadubs on May 9, 2006.

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