American Idol week 11

I miss Ace!! I don’t look forward to seeing the show so much but happily to my surprise, Ace was in the audience tonight. But, I started this and I like doing the reviews so I march onward.

Elliott-first song- not his best, seemed a little mix up happened in the middle. Wooo hooooo did you see him?
I gave E an 8 on this song, and not because I saw Ace.

Paris-first song- Simon called it annoying- That about sums it up. She gets a 7.

Chris-first song-the beginning of the song I liked a lot. He had good control over his singing. Even though he screamed some, it was good. One of his best. 9

Katherine-first song-She lost the first note and then some. She tried making it hers or she just plain screwed up. 7.5

Taylor-first song- LOVED IT! Perfect choice. 9.5

Elliott-second song-I almost thought slightly boring but the sound of his voice has a soothing quality to it. Wouldn’t mind seeing him win the whole thing. 8.75

Paris-second song- better than the first. Outfit sucked. Camouflage & Silver, not a match. 8.5 on the vocals.

Chris- second song- too much yelling as you can hear from his voice giving out. If his voice drops after singing a song 5 times like he said, he’ll never make it through performing a concert. Diaphragm Chris, diaphragm! 7.5

Katherine- second song- so fun to see her singing this song. I have never heard it before but it was catchy. A performance we all will remember. I love her voice! 9

Taylor- second song- My favorite Beatles song! I loved his performance. 9.5

So the scores average out like this
Elliott 8.38
Paris 7.75
Chris 8.25
Katherine 8.25
Taylor 9.38

Now since someone has to be in the bottom three, I am strictly picking the lowest scores Paris, Chris & Katherine. We are down to all the great singers so it will be hard to pick and a close call. But Paris should definitely be leaving tomorrow. Paris is…. the weakest link. Oops… wrong show.


~ by mamadubs on May 1, 2006.

One Response to “American Idol week 11”

  1. Love your evaluations and I agreed with you all though I’m not really into Chris’s style of music so I don’t rate him quite the same. But yes Paris is my chose to fly tonight.

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